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Keko Varicon

DMTL is a fully franchised, authorised Keko Varicon distributor.

Based in ┼Żu┼żemberk, Slovenia, Keko Varicon is one of the world's leading companies in manufacturing overvoltage protective and EMI supression components. The success of the company is based on it’s long history, beginning in the early 60's, when the foundations for today's achievements were set.

Keko’s capabilities are constantly growing to meet the continuously changing demands of the marketplace. They range from machining and assembly to mechanical, electromechanical and software engineering design. They also have 20 people invoiced in R&D process.

DMTL have been working as Keko’s Design partners in the UK for over a decade.

During that time Keko’s range of devices have successfully been approved and supplied into very wide range of applications. These include Thermostat Control, Multifunction Displays, Fire Panels and Marine Equipment to name just a few.

Recent heavy investment by Keko has also seen considerable volume expansion and equally importantly , considerable advances in technology, with Keko capable of handling AECQ and also extending some ranges to temperatures of 150’. This area being of particular interest not only to Automotive but also to the Oil and Gas sector.

Company Information

Date of Incorporation

$8.2 Million

Number of Employees

Factory Floor Space
6,500 Sq Ft

Quality Certifications
ISO9001:2015, AEC-Q200, UL, VDE

Main Products
Varistors & Suppressors