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High Voltage Resistors - SMD & Thru-hole


High voltage resistors are crucial in various designs including; HV PSU’s, measurement instruments, X-Ray & electron microscopy applications.

HV Resistors exist in multiple forms and with various product technologies available.  Add to the mix significant cost differences between offerings, selecting the right product(s) to meet application obligations, while keeping an eye on the budget, can be a challenge!

DMTL offer a wide range of high voltage resistor solutions, from various manufacturers and this breath of product offering can help evaluate multiple approaches from just one supplier.


The HVR Series from Viking: (Download Datasheet) offers a very cost-effective high voltage resistor solution.  The HVR is available up to 3kV, 100Mohm and TCR’s & tolerances as tight as 100ppm/DegC & 1%.

When higher voltages, ohmic values or a more precise resistors are needed for the application, the SM Series from E&C is a worthy consideration: (Download Datasheet) offering up to 5kV, 1Gohm and TCR’s & tolerances as tight as 25ppm/DegC & 0.1%.


The MGR Series from Viking: (Download Datasheet) offers a high ohmic / high voltage metal glaze solution.  High stability and high reliability are an integral advantage of metal glaze resistors.  The MRG is available up to 7kV, 1Gohm and TCR’s & tolerance as tight as 100ppm/DegC & 1%.

Again, when higher voltages, ohmic values or more accurate resistors are required, the RH Series from E&C can be considered: (Download Datasheet) offering up to 60kV, 10Gohm and TCR’s & tolerances as tight as 10ppm/DegC & 0.5%.

More Info?

The above provides a small selection of the products available from DMTL for high voltage resistors, with many other available.

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