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DMTL is an authorised CLEC distributor.

Based in Xi'an, China, CLEC products are exported all over the world such as US, Europe, Israel, Korea and so on.

CLEC products are widely used in communication, industrial application,  spaceflight, aviation and navigation and they have the capability to manufacture 5 millions pieces per month for RF connectors, cable assemblies, trimmers etc.

They consider their strengths to be their excellent quality products, their competitive pricing and their strong R&D team with 45 years of research.


Company Information

Date of Incorporation

$30 Million

Number of Employees
Group - 2000+ 

Factory Floor Space
1,937,000 Sq Ft

Quality Certifications

Main Products
RF Coaxial Connectors & Cable Assemblies, Trimmer Potentiometers, Microwave Components, Thick Film Hybrid ICs, Thick Film Electronic Paste, Advanced Ceramic Materials, Siliver Mica Capacitors.