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The Team

Our Team

We're a mixed bunch here at DMTL. All unique and special in our own way...

Combined, we have the perfect blend of experience, customer service and technical ability! As a specialist design-in distributor, our skill-sets are key in enabling us to provide our clients with the complete passive and electromechanical one stop shop. We love to engage with engineers on the most technical of requirements and create long-term, innovative partnerships with purchasing professionals.

Meet the team
Account Manager

Account Management

At DMTL we have a unique way of working - A dedicated single point of contact for you and your team

We are an independent specialist distributor and it's important for us to get to know you well. We wish to gain an in depth understanding of your expectations and requirements in order that we can deliver you a high quality of service. Our experienced team are able to discuss requirements at an engineering level and with our thorough understanding of the electronics manufacturing process we can aid you from prototyping all the way through to mass production. Globally if necessary.

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Our Certificates

BS EN ISO9001:2008
FS 99193
D599299 IECQ
Product Discovery!

Product Discovery!

Our applications engineers should be looked on as a resource to expand your company’s field of knowledge for everything passive and electromechanical. Where new components are introduced by manufacturers we will make sure that we have the technical information to provide a quality support service

More Info

MELF Resistors: Metal Electrode Leadless Face, is it time to “Face” up, to alternatives…?

MELF resistors: the “simplistic” resistor with multiple options…

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Johanson's Range of Trimmer Capacitors & Microwave Tuning Elements

Check out the new shortform brochure covering ranges of Johanson MFG trimmers from Knowles

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Case Study - Vinatech VEC6R0504QG-I

DMTL were approached by a customer with a challenge to provide a capacitive solution to their latest application

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The Home of DMTL!

Take a look at where we answer your calls, respond to your emails and provide the best support around!

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SMD PCB spacers / standoffs and SMD power elements for high-current applications

Surface Mount (SMD) reflow capable spacers, standoffs and power terminal blocks supplied in T/R ready for pick and place machines

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NTC Thermistor (Temperature Sensor) for water heaters, boilers, heating, ventilation and more

NTC Thermistors potted into metal cases which provide a quick and solid mechanical method for temperature sensing for various applications

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High Voltage Resistors - SMD & Thru-hole

Don't receive a shock..., when trying to find a high voltage resistor!

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Franchise Extension - Knowles (Syfer), Johanson, Voltronics & Novacap

DMTL are pleased to announce that Knowles have extended their Franchise arrangements with DMTL!

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Knowles (Syfer) - IECQ-CECC Range of Capacitors

Knowles (Syfer) hold the IECQ-CECC internationally recognised qualification for surface mount ceramic capacitors.

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