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Cornell Dubilier

DMTL is a fully franchised, authorised Cornell Dubilier distributor.

In November 2023 Cornell Dubilier was acquired by Knowles. With their shared focus on developing products to solve complex challenges in critical applications, such as aerospace & defense, medical, industrial and electric vehicle, Knowles can provide a wider breadth of high-performance components and solutions to new and existing customers.

DMTL is a fully franchised, authorised Knowles distributor.

In February 2015, Cornell Dubilier acquired Illinois Capacitor and it's affiliates. This acquisition brought together two of the leading manufacturers of capacitors for the electronics marketplace. Cornell Dubilier have repositioned the Illinois Capacitor brand under the more universally recognised brand, Cornell Dubilier.

Based in Liberty, SC, Cornell Dubilier specialize in Snap-in Aluminium Electrolytic, AC Power Film Capacitors, DC Film Capacitors, IGBT Snubbers and Mica Capacitors. 

Cornell Dubilier focus their engineering capabilities towards advancing Aluminium electrolytic technology, especially in the area of prismatic form factors.  Thermal and physical modelling of capacitors using COMSOL and advanced electrical and physical testing and analysis techniques. 

Cornell Dubilier consider their key strengths to be their broad portfolio of standard capacitor products for Power Electronics.  They excel with applications and custom capacitor designs for critical applications.  Their access to CDE engineers, their global logistics, sales and distribution network all lend support to a customer’s decision to approve a CDE Device.

DMTL were appointed Cornell Dubilier (CDE) UK Design Distributors in 2015.

To date designs have included Hi Capacitance Aluminium, Low ESR devices, High Voltage Radials and most recently the Silver Mica Hi Rel Cap ranges.

Company Information

Date of Incorporation

$157 Million

Number of Employees

Factory Floor Space
720,000 Sq Ft

Quality Certifications
ISO-9001, AS9100 & ISO-14001 

Main Products
Aluminum Electrolytic, DC Film, AC & DC Oil-Filled, Mica.