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DMTL is an authorised Europtronic distributor.

As a leading manufacturer, Europtronic develops and manufactures electronic components for international companies not only in the electrical, electronics, and information technology industries, but also those in emerging markets such as the industrial and energy sectors.

Founded in 1977 as a trading company, Europtronic has grown to become one of the leading film capacitor manufacturers in the power electronic markets, with products used in renewable energy, automotive, industrial electronic and telecommunication industries.

Europtronic offers a wide range of products, such as AC filter, DC link, snubber, high frequency, energy storage, EMI and general purpose capacitors for industrial and consumer applications. They take pride in our R&D capabilities and vision to be the “World’s 1st Choice Film Capacitor Brand and Manufacturer”. They are an experienced team with the ability to innovate new products and provide custom design solutions to their customers.

DMTL began dealing directly with Europtronic in 2018

Company Information

Date of Incorporation

Quality Certifications
ISO9001, 14001, TS16949

Main Products
AC Filters, DC Links, Snubbers, High Frequency, Energy Storage, EMI and General Purpose Capacitors