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DMTL is a fully franchised, authorised Finechem distributor.

E&C, a Japan Finechem company, founded in 1959, are a Japanese manufacturer, headquartered in Tokyo, producing Resistors and Resistor Boxes in their factories based in Sakaide, Niigata and Hiratsuka.

The devices offer High resistance values, High withstand voltage, and High accuracy.
These products are widely used as key-parts in industrial equipment such as physical and chemical measuring instruments, X-ray apparatus, electron microscopes, and other instruments. The resistors are RoHS compliant.

E&C can supply a wide range of resistors including surface mount, leaded for high power and voltage, for high vacuum, voltage divider, and come completely lead-free.
E&C have produced various specialty products to meet custom requirements based on their technological strength and wide experience.

DMTL first began their relationship with E&C back in the late 90’s! Designing and supplying high value devices to the Marconi Group… Since that start, DMTL has continued to win designs, most notably in the X-Ray, Accelerator and Electron Microscope Applications.

Company Information

Date of Incorporation

Group - $83 Million

Number of Employees

Quality Certifications
ISO 90001:2008, ISO 14001:2004