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DMTL is a fully franchised, authorised Firstohm distributor.

Established in 1969, First Resistor & Condenser Co., Ltd. (Firstohm) specialises in thin-film resistors.

Backed by strong in-house research and development capability and manufacturing technology acquired from major partners in Japan and the US, Firstohm has pioneered the development in various types of resistors in response to the changing environment of global technologies.

Firstohm consider their key strengths to be their extensive range of specialty resistors. their ability to customize products and services in accordance with their customer's requirements and their in-house research and development capability enabling them to respond very quickly to market trends.

They also believe they can ensure optimal outcome when providing a solution because they can closely collaborate with customers from the initial technical consultation to the final resistor product selection.

Company Information

Date of Incorporation

Number of Employees
1 - 50

Main Products
Composite Film-Type Ceramic Composition Resistors, Current Sense MELF Resistors, Current Sense Resistors, Enhanced Film Power MELF Resistors, Enhanced Film Fixed Resistors, ESD Surge MELF Absorbers, Fusible Resistors, Fusible MELF Resistors, High Frequency Terminator Resistors, High Voltage MELF Resistors, High Voltage Resistors, Ignition Fixed Resistors, Ignition Noise Suppression Resistors (Ceramic Film Composite/ Wirewound Type), Metal Film MELF Resistors (Pulse Withstanding)