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IS Fusion

DMTL are fully franchised, authorised IS Fusion distributors.

IS Fusion specialises in 3 categories of fuse. Surface mount, axial leaded and radial leaded. All fuses are component certified for Intrinsic Safety according to Atex and IECEx requirements.

Surface mount fuses are based on the customer’s choice of 1206 footprint donor fuse or the AVX range of 0603 footprint fuses.

Radial lead fuses are based on the Littelfuse 251 quick blow fuses and 242 barrier network fuses and axial lead fuses encompass quick blow or time delay types.

IS Fusion has the engineering capability to perform low pressure moulding, conventional over-moulding, pick and place and high capacity/high speed dicing of components.

IS Fusion consider their strengths to be their knowledge of IS requirements and customers’ needs, their rapid response capability and their rapid expansion capability, due to their recent factory size expansion, which doubled their capacity,

DMTL have traded with IS Fusion since 2013 acting as a supplier for all AVX fuses providing a valuable and dynamic link between IS Fusion and AVX who provide full technical support.

DMTL were recently appointed as IS Fusion's first international distributor and have met with immediate success.

Company Information

Date of Incorporation


Number of Employees

Factory Floor Space
5,000 sq ft

Quality Certifications
IECEx SIR 07.0050U, Sira 05ATEX2274U, Sira 05ATEX2277, GB/SIR/QAR07.0029/11, QAN SIRA 07 ATEX M389

Main Products
Intrinsically Safe fuses, component certified to comply with the requirements of IEC/EN60079-11