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ATC AT Series 0603 RF / Microwave Attenuator

ATC's new RF/Microwave SMT Attenuator Series (AT) is manufactured with the highest quality materials for reliable and repeatable performance. These devices are constructed with Aluminium Nitride (AIN) and are available in a standard EIA 0603 case size and exhibits excellent performance characteristics for the most demanding RF/Microwave applications 

The AT0603 Series provides virtually flat loss over a broad frequency spectrum. Thin film metalization provides for very stable characteristics over temperature and time. Its balanced PI design provides even current distribution and accurate attenuation characteristics from DC to 20 GHz. It is designed to meet a wide range of RF and microwave large and small signal level applications. The AT is ideal for impedance matching, input padding, signal level tuning, and many other critical RF/Microwave applications, it is rated highest power in class and is suitable for microstrip and CPW applications.

The non-magnetic termination is available providing a range of attachment options such as eutectic die-bonding, conductive epoxies, and soldering. The AT is fully compatible with high speed automated pick-and-place processing.

Fully Franchised, Authorised ATC Distributors

As ATC's UK Design Distributors, DMTL hold stock of the entire AT0603 range, this range can be found in the table at the bottom of this article.

DMTL began their relationship with ATC in 2008 with a ‘Direct’ supply agreement to help the development of UK Designs. This led in 2016 to DMTL’s formal appointment as ATC’s UK Design Distributors, ably supported by ATC’s US technical team and the ‘hub’ in the Czech Republic

DMTL are also AVX's UK Design Distributors and have enjoyed an extremely close and successful relationship with AVX for over 30 years.

Commencing as a direct customer in 1988, DMTL was then appointed as AVX UK Design Distributor in 1996.

Of note is the fact that for the last 5 years, DMTL has continued, by some margin, to be AVX’s Top Design Distributor for the UK, by value, each year.. This being a clear indicator of the strength of AVX’s technical support, in their partnership with DMTL.

Features of the AT Series
  • Thin Film Design
  • Power Rating Up to 1 Watt
  • Frequency Response +/-0.5dB
  • Characterized to 20 GHz
  • CPW and Microstrip Applications
  • EIA 0603 SMT
  • Highest Power in Class
  • AIN Construction
  • Balanced Pi design
  • Non-Magnetic
  • RoHs compliant
Typical Applications
  • Telecommunications
  • Satellite Communications
  • Cellular Base Stations
  • Microwave Radio
  • ISM
  • RF/Microwave Power
  • Military/Aerospace
  • Test and Measurement
  • Impedance Matching
  • Input Padding
  • Signal Level Tuning
  • Signal Conditioning
DMTL's Stock Package
Part Number Description
AT0603T00ECATB Attenuator 0603 0dB +/- 0.5dB 1W
AT0603T01ECATB Attenuator 0603 1dB +/- 0.5dB 1W
AT0603T02ECATB Attenuator 0603 2dB +/- 0.5dB 1W
AT0603T03ECATB Attenuator 0603 3dB +/- 0.5dB 1W
AT0603T04ECATB Attenuator 0603 4dB +/- 0.5dB 1W
AT0603T05ECATB Attenuator 0603 5dB +/- 0.5dB 1W
AT0603T06ECATB Attenuator 0603 6dB +/- 0.5dB 1W
AT0603C07ECATB Attenuator 0603 7dB +/- 0.5dB 0.75W
AT0603C08ECATB Attenuator 0603 8dB +/- 0.5dB 0.75W
AT0603C09ECATB Attenuator 0603 9dB +/- 0.5dB 0.75W
AT0603C10ECATB Attenuator 0603 10dB +/- 0.5dB 0.75W