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AVX ELCO; Low Profile Surface Mount Wire to Board Poke Home Connector

Traditionally there were only several options when it came to terminating wire to a PCB. Strip, tin and solder the wire directly to the PCB, use a terminal block or to use a 2 piece connector system (one cable sided, one PCB sided). Today with the advent of sprung contact technology there is a more cost effective and easier to use solution – AVX ELCO’s Poke Home technology.

AVX ELCO’s 00-9296 series is an insulated single piece wire to board connector available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 ways and is fully UL rated upto 8 Amps and 300 VAC.

Available in a pitch of 3.00mm, this low profile surface mount connector boasts the lowest height of just 2.5mm for wire gauges of 20-26 AWG and yet still maintains excellent mechanical stability and wire retention thanks to its already proven 2mm duel beam poke home contact.

The quick and reliable wire to board termination simply requires the stripping of wire and then simply inserting into the connector. There is no need to strip or tin the wires and the wire can be either solid or stranded conductors. This makes the wire to board solution extremely cost effective and termination friendly within the factory as well as in the field by electrical installers.

The connector is well suited for a broad range of industrial and commercial applications such as fire and security, building controls as well as the attachment of motors, solenoids, sensors and fans to the PCB. 

The connector which is white in colour is ideal for LED lighting applications and its industry leading low profile height of 2.5mm (for 20-26 AWG) casts very little shadow onto the assembly it’s to be used on.

The 00-9296 Series is available from DMTL stocks and standard manufacturing lead times are as short as 8 weeks.

If you like the look of this AVX Wire to Board connector or it’s sparked your thoughts on other innovative interconnect solutions, please get in touch with DMTL to discuss your requirement and / or request free of charge samples and demo PCB’s