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AVX Stript naked IDC contacts offer cost-effective and flexible ways to terminate wire to board securely

Since the introduction of the AVX 00-9155, 00-9176 and 00-9177 series IDC connectors from AVX, engineers have had a simple and secure way to terminate solid and stranded wire to a PCB as an alternative to a 2 piece connector system.

With wires easily terminated utilising low-cost tooling, the gas-tight connection to the PCB allows the connector to be used in high vibration environments such as Automotive, Rail and some Aerospace applications.

Originally designed for solid state lighting applications, it was quickly utilised within a myriad of Industrial applications to enable the connection of ancillary equipment (Switches, Sounders, Solenoids etc) to the PCB assembly.

With the miniaturisation of industrial controls and the continued drive for a lower cost product, AVX developed their Stript™ naked contacts which provides the most cost effective solution when connecting wire to board using IDC.

Image 1 - Traditional 00-9176 IDC Connector vs 9176-500 IDC Contacts
Image 2 - 9176-500 IDC Contacts with option cap and optional cap fitted

IDC Connector or IDC Contacts?

The prime difference between IDC connectors and IDC Contacts is the fact that the typical IDC Connectors have an insulator around the main body of the IDC contact and that they are generally available in multiple ‘ways’ in a single part – For example, the 00-9176 is available as a 3 way part. These parts are produced by, first, stamping and forming the contact before assembling the contact within the connector body (insulator).

IDC contacts tend to have no insulator and are only available as a single way solution. Whilst this means you may have to place several contacts it provides maximum flexibility for your PCB design. Furthermore, as these parts come without an insulator and are simply produced by stamping and forming the contact shape, they are significantly less expensive than IDC Connectors on a price per pole basis.

Stript™ naked contacts

AVX have a wide range of Stript™ naked contacts to suit most design and cost considerations. Parts are available to accept wire gauges from 12 AWG to 28 AWG with current handling capabilities up to 15 Amps and voltage ratings up to 600V AC. Contacts have been designed to allow removal and re-insertion of conductors up to 3 times, yet still maintain the original retention force. Parts have a wide operating temperature of -40’c - +125’c.

IDC connectors are already widely adopted for their retention in applications of high vibration and where required additional caps can be applied on each contact to help maintain a mechanical strain relief for severe environments.

Typical Applications
  • Connecting discrete wire components directly to the PCB
  • Bringing power and signals onto a PCB
  • Daisy chaining PCB’s together to create a continuous string of boards
Key Features and Benefits
  • IDC contact is supplied in T&R pockets for standard SMT placement
  • IDC contact provides a gas-tight connection to the PCB for long term reliability
  • Optional termination cap provides additional strain relief for severe environment
  • Tested to automotive levels on shock, vibration and temperature cycling for reliability
  • Reduced total applied cost versus solder or crimp processes
  • Individual contacts can be located anywhere on the PCB based on specific application
AVX Stript™ Series

9176-400 - Single IDC Contact 22-28 AWG
9176-500 - Single IDC Contact 18-24 AWG
9177-500 - Single IDC Contact 12-18 AWG
9177-600 – Single Thru Hole IDC Contact 12-18 AGG



If you like the look of these AVX Wire to Board contacts or it's sparked your thoughts on other innovative interconnect solutions, please get in touch with DMTL to discuss your requirement and / or request free of charge samples and demo PCBs