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Battery Connectors | K-AVX Expands 9155-800 Series

K-AVX have expanded their robust and extremely user-friendly 9155-800 Series vertical-mate, 2.0mm-pitch battery connectors with the addition of new seven- and eight-position models to satisfy customer demand for higher signal and current capabilities.

These new additions also further expand its 9155 family of battery connectors, which already offered the broadest selection of standard battery connectors on the market. 

Battery Connectors

Traditional battery connectors have been used for years in a number of applications: battery packs, removable or pluggable modules and conventional board-to-board to connect both signal level and power circuits.

These ultra reliable and robust gold plated beryllium copper contacts provide high integrity connections in harsh environments.

Vertical Mate Battery Connectors

The vertical mate 9155-800 series eliminates end user damage when pluggable modules or packs are press down vertically into a base unit.

Traditional right angle connectors have contact geometries that rely on the pack being inserted at an angle and then rotated down into position. The unique contact design of this connector deflects cleanly and easily when a module or mating connector is pushed vertically into position, eliminating any end user damage.

Features & Benefits
  • Gold plated BeCu contacts provide high electrical and mechanical performance over 5,000 mating cycles
  • Unique contact geometry allows for full vertical engagement in pluggable module applications
  • Plastic locating bosses and SMT anchor tabs maximizes the mechanical stability of the connector in harsh conditions
  • Contact nose incorporates an anti-snag feature to protect during deflection
Typical Applications
  • Handheld/portable devices requiring docking or cradle charging
  • Patient monitoring or portable medical electronics
  • Industrial devices requiring pluggable or programming modules
  • Internet appliances requiring battery back-up
  • Q: Do I still need to engage the contacts before I rotate the module or PCB into position?
    • A: No, the sweeping beam on the contacts are very forgiving and will accept a full vertical mating process.
  • Q: How do I know which plating option to use?
    • A: Most commercial and industrial application will use the lower gold with no issues. In harsh environmental applications the heavy gold provides more durability and wear resistance.
  • Q: Can I mate two of these connectors together to create a coplanar BTB stacking configuration?
    • A: Yes, the connector was designed to mate with pads on a PCB or an opposing connector.