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Diode Modules | Infineon, Semikron, IXYS and SanRex Alternatives

Kyocera AVX's diode modules feature high heat dissipation capabilities by optimizing materials and joint conditions resulting in stable rectification at high temperatures.

Kyocera AVX's diode modules are the perfect high-reliability solution for power conversion in harsh environments.

Kyocera AVX offers various diode modules with current ratings ranging from 80A to 700A and 2-in-1 to 6-in-1 configuration options.

Why look at SanRex, Semikron, IXYS and Infineon diode module alternatives?

With lead times extending, costs increasing and diode modules going end of life, this articles looks at the possible alternatives available from DMTL's franchised manufacturer, Kyocera AVX. 

K-AVX are offering high specification diode modules as replacements for Infineon, Semikron, IXYS and SanRex diode modules.

The table at the bottom of this article looks at K-AVX cross references for Semikron, IXYS, SanRex and Infineon which are available from DMTL.

Features of K-AVX Diode Modules
  • RoHS
  • Optimised Design
  • High Reliability
  • High Surge Forward Current
  • Low Thermal Resistance
  • Vrrm: 1600/1800V
  • Io: 0~700A
  • Vf: 1.35~1.72V
  • Package: 6 Packages
  • General Inverter
  • High Voltage Inverter
  • Servo Driver
  • UPS
  • Welding Machine
  • Elevator
  • Commercial Air Conditioner
Infineon, Semikron, IXYS and SanRex Alternatives

Please get in touch with DMTL to discuss your requirement and request free of charge samples. The table below lists direct or higher spec replacements for the part numbers listed.

KAVX Part Number Semikron IXYS Infineon SanRex
PT80MYN16 SKD62/16 VUO62-16NO7     
PT80MYN16 SKD82/16      
PT80MYN18 SKD62/18 VUO62-18NO7    
PT80MYN18 SKD82/18      
PT150MYN16 SKD110/16 VUO110-16NO7    
PT150MYN18 SKD110/18 VUO110-18NO7    
PT200MYN16 SKD160/16 VUO160-16NO7    
PT200MYN16 SKD210/16      
PT200MYN18 SKD160/18 VUO160-18NO7    
PT200MYN18 SKD210/18      
PD100MYN16 SKKD81/16 MDD72-16N1B DD100N16S  
PD100MYN16 SKKD100/16 MDD95-16N1B    
PD100MYN18 SKKD81/18 MDD72-18N1B DD100N16S  
PD100MYN18 SKKD100/18 MDD95-18N1B    
PD200MYN16 SKKD162/16 MDD172-16N1 DD170N16S DCA200DB160
PD200MYN16 SKKD212/16 MDD200-16N1 DD180N16S  
PD200MYN18 SKKD162/18 MDD172-18N1 DD170N16S DCA200DB160
PD200MYN18 SKKD212/18 MDD200-18N1 DD180N16S  
PD260MYN16 SKKD260/16 MDD255-16N1    
PD260MNY18 SKKD260/18 MDD255-18N1    
PD380MYN16 SKKD353/16 MDMA380P1600KC DD340N16S  
PD380MYN16 SKKD380/16   DD390N16S  
PD380MYN18 SKKD353/18 MDMA380P1800KC DD340N16S  
PD380MYN18 SKKD380/18   DD390N16S  
PD700MYN16 SKKD701/16      
PD700MYN18 SKKD701/18