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High Current & Power - Energy Storage Capacitors

High power capacitors can be defined and distinguished by storage volume. Where a water storage tank will store water, a capacitor will store electrical charge (electrons).

Like a dam, energy storage capacitors will store electrical charge and then release this charge when required.

The key working principle is based on a long charge time and a short discharge time in order to generate a short pulse with a high peak current.

Short pulses with a high peak current will produce a high power pulse which is able to create:

  • High magnetic field in inductors
  • Magnetic field in magnets
  • Ionisation in a lamp
  • Plasma in the material
  • EM pulse lightning
  • High frequency tubes
  • DC filtering for industrial applications
  • Resonance filters for railway substations
  • DC filters for power electron tube
  • Pulse forming network for high power laser
  • DC energy storage for 50/60Hz converter
  • DC energy storage for smoothing filter
  • DC energy storage for power system booster
  • Discharge energy bank for electromagnetic gun
  • Particles accelerators in Research Labs
  • EM guns for military applications
  • Fusion Laser for military applications
  • High magnetic field for research (medical)
  • Marx generator for military applications and electrical labs
  • EM cylinders
  • Electrical forming
  • Klystrons and other high power electronic tubes

Multiple high power capacitors can be used to create energy storage banks, in order to deliver energy in the region of several 100ms. Unlike batteries and supercapacitors, power capacitors have no limitation in terms of their discharge time.

What can DMTL offer?

DMTL represent AVX (TPC), power film capacitor specialists who have over 47 years of experience in the electrotechnic field, the usual values are kilovolt x kiloamps = megawatts. This can result in energy banks which can be several m³ and several tons! AVX (TPC) knowledge is to design such components meeting user defined electrical and mechanical functions.

AVX (TPC) is also able to design the mechanical structure required to support capacitors, electrical insulation, connections and cabling.

A little about DMTL and AVX (TPC)

TPC is a division of AVX Corporation. Based in France, TPC are specialists in the design, manufacture and supply of both medium and high power film capacitors. TPC are at the forefront of designs harnessing the power of alternative energy sources, such as wind farms, solar power generation, hybrid and electrical vehicles, as well as trams and high-speed trains for both new designs and overhaul / refurbishment of current stock. DMTL successful approvals include HEV, Rail and University / Research.