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High Capacitance & High Voltage Ultra Capacitors

High capacitance & high voltage ultra capacitors from LS Mtron provide the very best space and density options for a multitude of power back-up, energy harvesting and power compensation applications.

What is the difference between a SuperCap & and UltraCap?

Whilst the term Super Capacitor and Ultra Capacitor are often used in replacement of each other, at DMTL we like to think of an Ultra Capacitor having a capacitance greater than 100 farads (100F).

What can DMTL offer?

DMTL have three suppliers of Ultra Capacitors – AVX, Vinatech and LS Mtron – The latter primarily specialising in the segment of 100Fplus along with standard and customised Super Capacitor / Ultra Capacitor modules.

LS Mtron’s energy storage devices are positioned between conventional electrolytic capacitors and rechargeable batteries. LS Ultra capacitors feature high power, high energy, reliability and long life which enables use in a variety of applications such as back-up power, auxiliary power, instantaneous power compensation and peak power compensation.

Mounting Options

LS Mtron have various mounting types such as Snap In, Screw in and lug large can radial capacitors and also Threaded / Welded terminals within their axial range.

Featured Product

One of LS Mtron’s more unique products is a special prismatic (square shaped) super capacitor can which is highly useful when creating a module or block system as it provides the very best size to density option. The can size is 55mm x 55mm wide with a length of 155mm and has two easy to connect M6 screw terminals. Available in a single cap value of 3000F with a max working voltage of 2.8V their part LSUC002R8P3000FEA has proven be extremely popular and is often used as the building block for their own extensive standard and customised Ultra Capacitor product offering.

LSUC002R8P3000FEA Datasheet

A Little about DMTL & LS Mtron

DMTL and LS have been trading directly since 2016 as our niche position as a Passives and Electromechanical Specialist blends with LS's strategy to further develop their North European footprint, leading to DMTL’s appointment as their UK Design Distributor.