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High Power / Voltage Film Capacitors for DC Link, Filtering, Protection, Tuning, Discharge & PFN (pulse forming network) applications

AVX, in partnership with DMTL, the UK’s leading design distributor for AVX specialist product, provide engineers with an unrivalled ability to specify metallised film capacitors with dry, no free oil & oil impregnated technologies.

The selection of the particular metallised capacitor film technology depends on a number of factors. These factors usually include the user's application requirements whilst always ensuring capacitance and nominal voltage needs are met.

Metallised Power Film Capacitor Range

The range of metallised power film capacitors AVX produce typically operate in the high voltage range of +100V up to 100kV covering capacitance values +100uF well into mF range!

What do AVX Offer?

With inherent metallised power film capacitor properties including; controlled self-healing, total safety, reliability and soft end-of-lifetime, combined with over 40 years of experience supplying this capacitor technology, AVX have the competence to work with engineers to offer a full range of sizes, capacitance values ,voltage ratings and will produce customer specific designs ensuring lifetime requirements are adhered to.

AVX is therefore able to offer total customer solutions for new designs, spare parts, maintenance / refurbishment / overhaul in the following markets & applications:

  • Traction – Tramways, Metros, Area trains, Heavy locomotives & High speed trains.
  • Transportation – Hybrid / Electric vehicles, Fork lift, Scooter, Motorcycle, Cars, Vans, Buses.
  • Industrial & Energy - Wind turbines, Solar systems, Motor drives, Power transmission, Induction heating, Battery chargers, Power supplies.
  • Military, Avionic & Research - Electric actuator, High voltage supplies, Power laser, Electromagnetic gun.
  • DC Link
  • Filtering
  • Inverters
  • Protection of Thyristors / GTOs
  • Diodes
  • IGBTs
  • Clamping
  • Decoupling
  • Tuning
  • Discharge
  • PFN (pulse forming networks)