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Hybrid Electrolytic Polymer Capacitors in SMD & Through-Hole from CapXon

What is a Hybrid Polymer Capacitor? 

Hybrid capacitor technology combines the performance benefits of electrolytic and polymer capacitors.

The task of specifying capacitors is becoming growingly complex, partly due to capacitor designs taking advantage of advances in conductive polymers.

With a hybrid capacitor, instead of the conductive polymers forming the entire electrolyte, the conductive polymers are used in conjunction with a liquid electrolyte.

Solid polymer + Liquid electrolyte = Hybrid polymer

These hybrid polymer-based capacitors then offer significant benefits over conventional electrolytic and ceramic capacitors.

Hybrid Technology Benefits
  • Stable electrical parameters over a long service life, temperature and frequency
  • Reliability under extreme operating conditions
  • Safety, even in the event of a fault
  • Long lifetimes
  • AEC-Q200 Qualified
  • Vibration proof (VP) version (up to 30g) available
CapXon Offering

CapXon manufacture multiple hybrid electrolytic capacitor ranges for a magnitude of applications in multiple markets.

SMD Type Series
AA Series, AE Series, AC Series, AD Series, AN Series, AR Series, AP Series

Radial Type Series
AS Series, AQ Series, AT Series, AW Series, AK Series, AL Series, AM Series

  • Automotive
  • Battery charger
  • Industrial
  • Lighting
  • Motor control
  • Power supply
  • Renewable
  • UPS
Typical Applications
  • Decoupling of digital ICs
  • Back up circuits
  • Smoothing
  • Filter circuits
  • DC link
About Capxon

Date of Incorporation
1980 - Founded in Taipei, Independent & family owned

1 E-Cap factory, 3 Foil factories


Almost 40 years

ISO 9001 / 14001
OHAS 18001
IATF 16949

Broadcast E-Cap solutions

A Little About DMTL & CapXon

DMTL first approached Capxon in order that we resolve a design problem for a  large UK customer operating in the Fire,Security and Safety industry. They had extreme difficulty in circumventing a Panasonic End of Line.

Capxon’s wide range of products indicated possible suitability, but the device itself needed quite a lot of work, reference lead form, size, ripple etc.

Capxon supplied extremely high quality samples in a very short space of time and have consistently been able to support our UK applications ever since.

This led to DMTL’s appointment as their UK Design Distributors , and in turn to our growing business both here and in Asia..

Capxon, whilst a major volume manufacturer, also continue to support low volume business, recognising that whilst they are a huge manufacturer, service and relationship is the way to develop business.