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ICAR DC Link Capacitor Alternatives

Following the sad news regarding ICAR's liquidation, DMTL explore the options available to customers looking to replace ICAR capacitors for existing equipment repair or for new equipment manufacture.

DMTL is a fully franchised, authorised Cornell Dubilier (CDE) distributor and, as Design Distributors, are especially positioned to address the confusion and answer the questions.

It is always a challenge when a manufacturer is no longer able to supply.  The knock on effect can be enormous, with customers, projects and applications being left in limbo.  The demise of ICAR has left just such a void in the supply of Film capacitors, causing confusion and questions. 

A Little About ICAR

ICAR was one of the leading manufacturers of electrical capacitors and systems in low and medium voltage. DMTL have helped customers source capacitor alternatives for many years with a broad offering in this sector. 

Within this article, we will look exclusively at the ICAR alternatives available from Cornell Dubilier.

A Little About Cornell Dubilier 

Based in Liberty, SC, USA,  Cornell Dubilier specialise in AC Power Film Capacitors and DC Film Capacitors, amongst other capacitor technologies. DMTL were appointed Cornell Dubilier (CDE) UK Design Distributors back in 2015.

With almost 700 employees and 720,000 sq ft of factory floor space, CDE Cornell Dubilier offer a broad portfolio of standard capacitor products for Power Electronics.  

They really excel with applications and custom capacitor designs for critical applications.  Their access to CDE engineers, their global logistics, sales and distribution network all lend support to a customer’s decision to approve a CDE Device.

Film Capacitor Replacements

Film capacitors can come in a very wide set of parameters, with ranges of capacitance from microfarads to millifarads and voltages often running into kilovolts.

Unfortunately, the physical layout, from cylindrical to square box, means that a direct drop in replacement may not be immediately apparent.  However, CDE is at the leading edge of film capacitor technology and is willing to work alongside DMTL to support customers with existing ICAR applications.

ICAR Alternatives

The below table outlines the ‘cross over’ already established. DMTL are also working hand in hand with all of the technical team at CDE, to handle devices that may not be covered by this ‘first pass’ list. 


ICAR Notes Rating CDE Alternative Datasheet
LNK-M3 Aluminium Case 265 to 6400 ufd 947C & 947D Series 947C Series Datasheet947D Series Datasheet
  Stud & Insert Terminals 550 t0 3000 Vdc   947C Series Datasheet947D Series Datasheet
  Bottom Mounting Stud Dry Construction   947C Series Datasheet947D Series Datasheet 
LNK-P1X Plastic Box Capacitor 7.5 to 45 ufd Custom Design  
  Copper Tab Terminals 700 to 1800 Vdc    
  Very Low Inductance Dry Construction    
LNK-P2L Stud Terminals 16 to 350 ufd 944U Series 944U Series Datasheet
LNK-P2T Insert Terminals 450 to 2200 Vdc 944U Series 944U Series Datasheet
LNK-P2X Stud Terminals Dry Construction 944U Series 944U Series Datasheet
LNK-P2Z Insert Terminals   944U Series 944U Series Datasheet
LNK-P3Y Stud or Insert Terminals 33 to 1300 ufd UNL Series UNL Series Datasheet
  Bottom Mounting Stud 450 to 2200 Vdc   UNL Series Datasheet
    Dry Construction   UNL Series Datasheet 
LNK-P4X Stud Terminals 20 to 2750 ufd Custom Design  
  Mounting Feature 650 to 5000 Vdc    
    Dry Construction    
LNK-P5Y Low Inductance Connections 300 to 12,000 ufd MDL Series MDL Series Datasheet
  Mounting Feature 450 to 4000 Vdc   MDL Series Datasheet
  Blade, Stud or Insert Terminals Dry Construction   MDL Series Datasheet
LNK-P6X "Hocky Puck" Design 9 to 230 ufd Custom Design  
  Very Low Inductance 450 to 2200 Vdc    
    Dry Construction    
LNK-P7Y High Current Design 180 to 2000 ufd Custom Design  
  Designed for BusBar Connection 450 to 2200 Vdc    
  Plastic Case Dry Construction    
  Mounting Feature      
LNK-P8Y Low Inductance 200 to 2200 ufd Custom Design  
  Stud Terminals 450 to 2200 Vdc    
  Designed for BusBar Connection Dry Construction    
  Mounting Feature      
LNK-P9X High Current 120 to 3000 ufd Custom Design  
  Low Inductance 800 to 3500 Vdc    
  Designed for BusBar Connection Dry Construction    
LNK-M Metal Case Customer Specified Custom Design  
  (Steel or Aluminium) Dry Construction    
D65 Metal Case Customer Specified Custom Design  
BIOENERGY (Steel or Aluminium) Oil Filled  Construction