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Low Current Intrinsically Safe Surface Mount Fuses - I S Fusion Extends ISF003 Product Range to 28mA

The ISF003 range are overmoulded 0603 surface mounted fuses with at least 1mm of overmoulded solid insulation to the free surface intended for use within Intrinsically Safe Equipment. They are suitable for voltages up to 30V uncoated or 60V under coating

IECEx/ATEX Certified Fuse - No encapsulation required

I S Fusion are pleased to announce an extension to their ISF003 product range. The range now includes AVX’s F0603G newest values. These are F0603G0R02 (28mA) & F0603G0R03 (37.5mA).

This extends the current range to 28mA, a point never before achieved by a surface mount fuse of such small physical dimensions.

  • Intrinsically Safe component, certified to:
    • IEC 60079-0:2011
    • IEC 60079-11:2011
    • EN 60079-26:2007
  • Based on AVX Accu-guard II fuses using thin film technology which allows precise control of characteristics
  • Fast acting with accurate current ratings as low as 28 mA
  • Very low fuse resistance - ideal for battery operated circuits
  • Can be operated continuously at rated current in accordance with IEC60127-3
  • Footprint 5.6 x 3.8mm. Height 3.2mm
  • Eliminates the need to encapsulate fuses in circuit
  • Speeds up your product certification process by use of component certificate
  • Certified for Mining as well as Surface applications
  • Flat topped surface for pick and place operations
  • Electroless Gold plated finish as standard
  • Suitable for voltages not exceeding 30 volts or 60 volts under coating - subject to AVX limits provided on AVX data sheets
  • Choose with plated edges for enhanced rework capability or without for a lower price
  • Packed in reels of 1000 for pick and place applications
  • Smaller quantities of fuse types available. Check with Sales for details
A Little about I S Fusion

I S Fusion was born out of a need to solve technical problems and provide engineering support for manufacturers wanting their products certified for hazardous areas.

Their first product was an Intrinsically Safe fuse. They needed this for a project, the design of an electronic instrument. To optimise this they needed a compact but cost effective IS fuse.

There wasn’t one on the market, so I S Fusion designed and developed one. Now they have several different models made completely in-house and all certified as components. 

I S Fusion have r & d and manufacturing skills for plastic packaging of all kinds as well as IS electronic design capabilities. Although they “manufacture fuses”, they are not just “fuse manufacturers”.

I S Fusion consider themselves to be problem solvers

DMTL are fully franchised, authorised IS Fusion distributors.

A Little about AVX

With locations in California, Florida, Maine, New York, South Carolina, El Salvador, Mexico, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Israel, United Kingdom, China, Japan, Malaysia and Thailand, AVX is a leading worldwide manufacturer and supplier of a broad line of passive electronic components and Interconnects.

AVX enjoys significant competitive advantages including the benefit of having research, manufacturing, and customer support facilities in multiple countries located around the world. 

DMTL have enjoyed an extremely close and successful relationship with AVX for over 30 years.

Commencing as a direct customer in 1988, DMTL was then appointed as AVX UK Design Distributor in 1996.

Of note is the fact that for the last 5 years, DMTL has continued, by some margin, to be AVX’s Top Design Distributor for the UK, by value, each year.. This being a clear indicator of the strength of AVX’s technical support, in their partnership with DMTL.