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MELF Resistors: Metal Electrode Leadless Face, is it time to “Face” up, to alternatives…?

With over +30 years of heritage, the humble MELF resistor has stood the test of time.

The Problem

During periods of component shortage, the MELF resistor always comes under capacity pressure and leadtimes extend significantly. 

As several MELF resistor distributors are having their stock holding exhausted and refraining from publishing manufacturers lead times, DMTL seek to explore what makes the MELF resistor attractive to users, why now could be a sensible time to consider MELF resistor alternatives and raises the question, can you really afford not to consider alternatives?

Simply put, a MELF resistor is a cylindrical resistor for use with SMT equipment, so why is it as popular as ever…? 

The main feature is the surface area to cost ratio, this is a result of the cylindrical shape.  An increased surface area is made available for the resistive element, which far exceeds conventional chip resistors.  This increased surface area allows for a greater mass of resistance material to be utilised, which in turn allows MELF resistor manufacturers to tailor various resistive materials, such as Metal Film, Thin Film, Metal Oxide, Carbon Film and Wirewound.  Further, this enables them to utilise specific processing methods for increasing track length.  They can also use sophisticated trimming methods, etc to produce MELF resistors with desired characteristics for Precision, High Stability, Pulse, Surge, High Voltage, Current Sense & High Frequency applications. 

With standard package sizes of 0102, 0204, 0207 & comparable industry footprints of 1206, 2010, 2512, 3610, the number of considerations necessary to select the correct MELF resistor, becomes very apparent. 

The Solution

At DMTL we offer a wide range of MELF resistors covering all the variations outlined above.  DMTL can therefore assist with your search to find an alternative MELF resistor. 

DMTL’s manufacturers offer MELF resistors with vastly reduced leadtimes (typically 6weeks), compared with the industry norm and in most instances DMTL can offer a more cost-effective solution.

To help in this process, DMTL’s manufacturers, Viking and Firstohm, have produced a cross reference guide for the major manufacturers of MELF resistors - Vishay, KOA, IRC, Welwyn, Ohmite, etc., which highlights DMTL’s breadth of offering for MELF Resistors.

Viking CSR Series Cross Reference - Cross referencing:

  • KOA
  • Vishay

Viking Cross Reference - Cross referencing: 

  • Yageo
  • Vishay
  • IRC
  • Susumu 

Viking Cross Reference - Cross referencing:

  • Cyntec
  • Walsin
  • KOA
  • Panasonic

Viking Cross Reference - Cross referencing:

  • Kamaya
  • ROHM
  • TA-I
  • Ralec

Firstohm Cross Reference - Cross referencing:

  • IRC / TT
  • KOA
  • Ohmite
  • Royalohm
  • Vishay
  • Vitrohm
  • Welwyn
  • Viking
  • Yageo
  • UniOhm 

Please contact DMTL to discuss how to get your MELF resistors usage back on (PCB) track!