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Multilayer Organic (MLO®) Technology

DMTL, AVX's Top Design Distributor in the UK, explores AVX’s Multilayer Organic (MLO®) technology with a specific emphasis on Filters.

What is Multilayer Organic (MLO®) technology?

Multilayer Organic (MLO®) is a patented multilayer organic technology, incorporating very low loss organic materials that allow for high Q and high stability over frequency.  With the ability to incorporate, fine line high density interconnect technology, low profile copper, high current handling & tight tolerance control.  These characteristics are therefore extremely useful in the manufacture of Inductors, Capacitors, Crossovers, Diplexers, Couplers & Filters (Low-Pass, High-Pass & Band-Pass) for RF & Microwave applications.

MLO Technology Advantages Filters
  • Multilayer structure allows high order filters in small packages
  • Lower profile components
  • Part to part and lot to lot repeatability
  • High precision and tight tolerance
  • No tuning required
  • No performance variance with temperature changes
  • Expansion matched to PCB (improved reliability over LTCC products)
  • Passes ASTM E595 - Collected Volatile Condensable Materials requirements established by NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA)
  • Power up to 15 W+
  • Ability to mount discrete components on top of custom MLO devices to improve performance
Applications Include:
  • Mobile communications
  • Satellite Applications
  • GPS
  • Wireless LANs and Aps
  • Instrumentation
  • Vehicle Location Systems
  • RF Power Amplifiers
  • Low Noise Amplifiers
  • Filter Networks
  • Military and Commercial Radar
  • Medical Imaging Electronics
  • Optical Drivers
AVX’s technical support, in partnership with DMTL can offer the following
  • Samples and evaluation boards are available for most filters (Higher frequency boards require probe measurement)
  • Most parts have small inventory available for immediate sampling.
  • Evaluation boards are available.
  • S2P Files available upon request
  • DXF files of evaluation boards are also available.