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Murata DE, DEJ & DHR Series End of Life Alternatives

With end of life announcements, DMTL look to find suitable alternatives and have identified in many instances viable replacements to the Murata Series types listed below of High Voltage Lead Type Disc Ceramic Capacitors.

  • Murata DE Series
  • Murata DEJ Series
  • Murata DHR Series

As the last shipment date approaches for these radial, HV dipped, ceramic capacitors, many purchasing professionals have wisely procured several years of stock to allow engineers to perform full approval tests on possible alternative manufacturers product.

Unfortunately, in a lot of instances, alternative manufacturers products have not performed as well as the Murata part they’re looking to replace.  This can include differences in available capacitance range, working voltage, temperature characteristics, DC bias, load-life & product dimensions. These differences can present issues when looking to replace the Murata DE Series, DEJ Series & DHR Series.

This is further compounded as once a suitable product is found, questions with regards to the authenticity / support of the manufacturer, then, have to be addressed including; is this company the actual manufacturer of the product or are they re-branding, does the manufacturer hold ISO 9001 Certification, are they able to offer full technical support to determine the most likely part to be a suitable replacement to the original specification based on the specific application requirements?

DMTL have access to three manufacturers who offer this type of High Voltage Lead Type Disc Ceramic Capacitor: 

  • Amazing (formally - Dongguan Meizhi Electronics Co., Ltd) – 18 years’ experience.
  • AVX – 48 years’ experience.
  • Holystone – 25 years’ experience.

 In every instance, DMTL recommends full validation of any suggested device, via the assessment of samples and therefore welcome the opportunity to work with you on specifying a possible alternative to the Murata DE Series, DEJ Series & DHR Series.