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New 9159-600 Series Dual-Row, Inverted Through-Board Card-Edge Connectors

Kyocera AVX Interconnect continues to develop unique connectors to fill the gap in the market. The newest addition to Kyocera AVX’s broadening line of one piece card edge connectors is the 4p-12p Dual Row Inverted version 9159-600, which is extension of popular single row version 9159-500.

This new configuration with staggered dual row contacts will allow doubled number of positions in similar size of the connector.

This small connector is packed with several key features that provide significant functionality in a broad range of applications. The proven contact system is gold plated for enhanced reliability, signal integrity and full 2.5A/contact current rating. The connector is designed for mating PCB board with 1.6mm thickness and gold plated pads.

Features & Benefits
  • 2.5 Amps per contact current rating meets robust application requirements
  • Doubled number of positions with dual row solution
  • Gold plated BeCu contact system for high reliability in harsh environments
  • Low profile thru board design does not interfere with LEDs, etc
Typical Applications
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Lighting