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New AEC-Q200 High Inductance Power Inductors

ABC Taiwan | Atec Electronics have launched a new type of high-inductance shielded SMD power inductor product, MCU1277.

High Efficiency SMD Power Inductor for Electric Vehicles

The new EV inductor meets the AEC-Q200 automotive standard.

MCU1277 series products are all fully automated production, so the internal structure design not only provides high-efficiency inductance solutions, but also strengthens the general traditional SMD structure design so that the inductance value of MCU1277 can reach up to 470 uH!

Compared to the general traditional chip, the strengthened structure means the MCU1277 series is perfectly designed into DC/DC converters, switching power supplies and filtering applications in automotive power conversion and related modules.

Sustainable AEC-Q200 Compliant Inductors

The MCU1277 series features a the lower consumption and low iron loss ferrite core structure which greatly improves the overall performance of the DC/DC converter.

The development of MCU1277 products reduces the use of plastics without affecting the electrical characteristics, reduces the difficulty of subsequent recycling of plastics, reduces waste generation, completes high-quality product design with fewer raw materials and practices the goal of sustainable development.


The EV Power Inductor can be designed in to 12V and 48V applications.

  • 12V
    • Audio
    • Information
    • Dashboard Panel
    • Air Conditioning System
    • Accessory Power
    • Electronic Control Unit (ECU)
    • Heads-Up Display
    • Tyre Pressure Monitoring
  • 48V
    • Steering
    • Adaptive Front Lighting System
    • Brake Assist System
    • Engine Control Module
A Little about ABC Taiwan and DMTL

DMTL is a fully franchised, authorised distributor for ABC Taiwan.

Founded in 1979, ABC Taiwan Electronics specializes in manufacturing a wide range of SMD electromagnetic products, which are mainly used for computers, office automation equipment, automotive and other items. They also provide total custom solutions for inductive components particularly applicable to ADSL modems.

ABC own one factory in Taiwan and two in mainland China, and employ about 2,000 skilled workers. To ensure the highest quality all the time, they operate according to ISO 9002 standards. By utilizing advanced production equipment, ABC has a considerable manufacturing capacity reported this year as;

SMD Power Inductors - 35KK/M
SMD Power Inductors (Shielded) - 42KK/M
SMD Power Inductors (Semi Shielded) - 20KK/M
SMD Line Filter - 10KK/M
DIP - 10KK/M

DMTL have developed a number of solutions for UK customers working with ABC’s superb R&D team leading to the stable supply of what were ‘hard to find’ Inductive components, and also high volume needs.