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Obsolete / Discontinued Murata NTC & PTC Thermistor Alternatives

With the increase of EOL (End of Life) notifications being issued on NTC & PTC thermistors, especially PTC leaded types, DMTL take a look at alternatives available from thermistor specialists, Thinking Electronic.

A Little about Thinking Electronic

DMTL is a fully franchised, authorised Thinking distributor.

Founded in 1979, Thinking began production of NTC Thermistors in 1989, rapidly establishing 2 Chinese factories. In 1997 they developed their first Varistors and PTC Thermistors. 2000 to 2008 saw the company go ‘public’ and also develop 4 more factories, which included TS (AECQ) qualification and the securing of all relevant CL/UL/VDE and TUV qualifications. 

Discontinued Thermistors

Most recently, discontinued Murata thermistor notifications have been issued on a number of their PTC and NTC thermistor series'. DMTL have comprised the below table to assist customers in managing their obsolete thermistor requirements.

The table below has been designed to offer customers a broad series to series comparison but with the knowledge of the particular Murata part numbers requiring an alternative, DMTL can work alongside Thinking Electronic to offer customers exact alternatives and specific datasheets for their requirement.

Whilst every effort has been employed to ensure the accuracy of these cross-references, the information contained within is for the purpose of consideration only. It’s solely the user’s responsibility to determine the suitability of any suggested device for the intended application. In every instance DMTL recommends full validation of any suggested device, via the assessment of samples.

Product Type Murata Series Date of Discontinuation Thinking Alternative
PTC Thermistor PRF15**471QB1RC series 30/06/2020 TPM Series
NTC Thermistors NTPA series 30/09/2019 PPL Series
PTC Thermistors PTFM*B0 series 31/03/2019 PTM Series
PTC Thermistors PRF18/21*S1RB series 31/03/2018 TPM Series
PTC Thermistors PRF18/21*S2RB series 31/03/2018 TPM Series
NTC Thermistors NTSD series 31/03/2017 TTC Series
PTC Thermistors PRF18/21*B1RB series 31/03/2017 TPM Series
PTC Thermistors PRF18/21*B2RB series 31/03/2017 TPM Series
NTC Thermistors NTSA series 31/03/2016 TTC Series
PTC Thermistors PTGL* series(some) Detailed reference PPL Series