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Screwless Terminal Blocks for PCBs

Screwless terminal blocks speed up installation whilst also providing a fit & forget connection.

Screwless terminals have taken the electrical installation world by storm and now industrial applications with PCB wire to board are starting to speed up too!

Screwless Technologies within Electronics

Over the last 5-10 years electricians have quickly adopted screwless technologies for their electrical installations, however, many industrial / consumer applications requiring PCB mounted or pluggable terminal blocks have lagged behind.

With the advent of new technology and an increasing focus on equipment installation time / reliability, now is the time to go Screwless!

The History of Screwless Terminal Blocks

Screwless PCB mounted and Pluggable terminal blocks have been available for several years, however they’ve often required specialist tooling or at least a simple tool, such as a screwdriver, to open up the cage clamp prior to inserting the conductor.

Whilst this means the internal contacts are always closed and makes for a very reliable connection, it does somewhat slow down the installation and is not as user friendly as some terminals found within the electrical installation world (Such as Wago installation terminals). Since the creation of the lever installation block, the market has boomed and most electricians rely upon them everyday.

One of the main reasons electricians quickly adopted screwless terminals was the speed of installation. Within a split second you can safely and securely open up a lever terminal with just your finger, insert a pre-stripped conductor and terminate by closing the lever on the connector.

Reliability of Screwless Terminal Blocks

Another reason for the use of screwless terminal blocks is their reliability.

Often, traditional screwed terminal blocks could become loose overtime. This could be down to a variety of reasons. The screw could have had the incorrect torque applied when installed – being fixed too loose is an obvious issue, however terminals can be over torqued which can cause significant deformation of the conductor. Vibration along with thermal cycling can also loosen conductors over longer time periods if the screw has not been torqued correctly.

With screwless terminal blocks, the internal sprung loaded contact is always applying even pressure to the conductor which doesn’t allow it to go loose overtime. You are then left with a maintenance-free, permanent, secure connection.

What Can DMTL Offer?

DMTL is now pleased to offer these easy to use, lever actuated, screwless terminal blocks for PCB mounted and Pluggable applications.  

DMTL offer a wide range of products to cover different industries. Product for fine, multi-stranded wire such as alarm or audio applications all the way up to high voltage / high current installations found on EV chargers, high voltage power supplies and other Power Electronics applications.

Screwless Terminal Block Specifications
  • Available Lead Pitch: 5.00mm, 7.50mm, 10.00mm 15.00mm
  • Wire Orientation to PCB: 0° (Right Angle), 30° (Angled), 90° (Vertical)
  • Rated Current: 32A – 76A
  • Rated Voltage: upto 1000V (IEC Standard)
  • Rate Connection (Wire): 24 – 4AWG (0.2mm²  – 25mm²)
  • Available Poles: 1 – 12 (in single part) – end to end stackable
Popular Product Series'
  • 5.00mm – TLM-215A (320V, 32A, 4mm²)

  • 7.50mm – TLM-405A (630V, 41A, 6mm²), TLM-405AB (100V, 41A, 6mm²)

  • 10.00mm – TLM-705A (400V, 76A, 25mm²)

  • 15.00mm – TLM-705A-15.00 (1000V, 76A, 25mm²)