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SMD EMI Fingers / Spring EMI Contacts

SMD EMI Fingers / Spring EMI Contacts provide a low cost way to discharge high frequency interference within RFI shielding requirements.

What are EMI / RFI Sheilding products?

EMI/RFI Shielding Products are designed either to reject or retain electromagnetic interference. Shielding reflects and absorbs incident radiation. The higher the attenuation of the shielding, the more effective it is at retaining or rejecting the undesired electromagnetic interference.

Why are EMI Sheilding products required?

Often there is a requirement within an electronics assembly to discharge unwanted EMI away from specific areas of the PCB. Furthermore there is often the need to discharge to ground.

What can DMTL offer? 

DMTL have a wide range of EMI fingers to help eliminate EMI.

Parts are manufactured from beryllium-copper and are then formed via a unique folding method which helps provide consistent compression characteristics. The parts are then gold-plated which helps provide a low resistance but also a non-corrosive finish.

With circa 50 standard designs available with heights from 0.8mm to 13mm there are a wide range of styles to suit almost all designs. Parts can be customised to specific requirements with relatively low MOQs, due to the unique non stamping, no tooling method of production.

Parts are supplied on tape and reel and are inserted onto the PCB via a standard pick and place machine and are then soldered to the PCB via the reflow process.

If you like the look of these EMI Fingers / Spring EMI Contacts or it’s sparked your thoughts on other innovative electromechanical solutions, please get in touch with DMTL to discuss your requirement and request free of charge samples

  • Many different types and sizes available
  • Wear-resistant
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Suitable for automated placement
  • Reliable solderability
  • Customisation available with low MOQs
  • Material: Copper-Beryllium (CuBe) | Gold-plated (Au)

EMI Fingers Datasheet