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Supercapacitors, does the supply (chain) hold up?

Without doubt, supercapacitors / ultracapacitors are one of the fastest evolving capacitor technologies.  

As manufacturers push technical boundaries of their core technologies including : EDLCs, Pseudocapacitors & Hybrid capacitors (lithium-ion capacitor), primarily targeting an ability to offer higher operating voltages and temperatures which result in a wider scope of suitable applications, and the ability to offer smaller devices and longer product life in the field. 

Supercapacitors / ultracapacitors manufacturers naturally look to offer solutions in forms which are desirable for intended applications, this is why we often see supercapacitors / ultracapacitors being produced in packages, including: prismatic, cylindrical, coin-cells, modules.

Why choose supercapacitors or ultracapacitors?

The principal incentives for selecting supercapacitors / ultracapacitors are because the charge and discharge times are fast, the number of cycles are high and with a combined capability to support high power loads.

These factors establish supercapacitors / ultracapacitors as a perfect capacitor for specifying in applications requiring power hold, energy harvesting and pulse power handling, when a power source is available or the nature of the demand alone will lead to premature battery failure. 

Supply issues with supercapacitors and ultracapacitors

It comes as no surprise with an emerging technology and engineers really starting to appreciate the advantages of supercapacitors / ultracapacitors in their designs that uptake has increased exponentially. 

The outcome is that a range of manufacturers are investing heavily in this exciting technology.   On the surface, this would normally lead to the assumption that the supply of supercapacitors / ultracapacitors is stable, unfortunately this often couldn’t be further from the truth and issues with the continuity of supply remain very evident.

Examples of supply issues with supercapacitors or ultracapacitors

Early adopters of the technology are currently facing instances of sole sourcing with a particular manufacturer’s part, then finding that these become EOL (End of Life) as the manufacturer withdraws completely from the market i.e. Murata with their DMF , DMT, DMH series. 

Also manufacturers sometimes discontinue certain ranges and issue statements of “not recommended for new designs” i.e. Maxwell with their supercapacitor / ultracapacitor modules, with part numbers:   

  • Maxwell - BMOD0083 P048 B01
  • Maxwell - BMOD0165 P048 BXX
  • Maxwell - BMOD0130 P056 B03
  • Maxwell - BMOD0094 P075 B02
  • Maxwell - BMOD0010 P090 B02
  • Maxwell - BMOD0010 P090 C02
  • Maxwell - BMOD0063 P125 B04
  • Maxwell - BMOD0063 P125 B08  

Other wider issues potentially impacting supply, include companies who have developed the technology then deciding this is not core to their business and wish to unload some or even all of their endeavours in this field.  Unfortunately it’s normally the case when a prospective buyer for such a company is found this is sometimes a competitor with a desire to rationalise product offering who will either remove competing lines and/or look to push the market in a direction enabling them to concentrate on their own core supercapacitors / ultracapacitor product offering. 

Another area which can cast doubt on future supply is when a manufacturer of supercapacitors / ultracapacitors is acquired by an end-user, for the sole purpose of controlling supply and or developing the technology to suit their own needs.

The Solution 

DMTL offer supercapacitors / ultracapacitor solutions from well-established profitable manufacturers, who view this technology as a key strategic long-term growth area and are willing to invest significantly from both an R&D and production capacity prospective. 

DMTL is often able to offer a second source on existing designs or work directly with engineers where no fit, form & function equivalent exists, specifying products which will result in the minimum disruption possible when redesign is the only option.

DMTL can offer all types of supercapacitor like high temperature supercapacitors, low ESR supercapacitors, long life supercapacitors, small supercapacitors and many more.

DMTL have developed a handy Cross-Reference Tool to allow engineers and buyers to, simply, select the manufacturer of the part for which they are looking to find an alternative, then begin typing the series type or part number and the tool finds suitable alternatives!

Also, the cross-reference guide below provides details of possible alternatives for supercapacitors / ultracapacitors from manufacturers: Eaton, Korchip, Ioxus Maxwell, Nesscap, Samwha, Tecate, Vitzrocell, Yeong Long (YEC).

AVX Part No. Maxwell Part No. Nesscap Part No. Eaton Part No. Tecate Part No. YEC Part No. NEC/TOKIN Part No.

Please Enquire

Please Enquire     PHB-5R0H505-R      
SCCN50B187SSBLE BCAP0150 P270 T07          
SCCQ15B125SRB       TPL-1.2/6X15F    
SCCR12B105PRB BCAP0001 P270 T01   HV0810-2R7105-R TPL-1.0/8X12F WPL2R71050812  
SCCR16B205PRB       TPL-2.0/8X16F WPL2R72050816  
SCCR20B335PRB BCAP0003 P270 S01 ESHSR-0003C0-002R7 HV0820-2R7305-R TPL-3.3/8X20F WPL2R73350820  
SCCR20B335PRBLE BCAP0003 P270 X01 ESHSR-0003C0-002R7UC        
SCCR20E335PRB BCAP0003 P300 X11          
SCCS20B505PRB BCAP0005 P270 S01 ESHSR-0005C0-002R7 HV1020-2R7505-R TPL-4.0/10X20F WPL2R75051020  
SCCS20B505PRB       TPL-5.0/10X20F    
SCCS20B505PRB       TPL-6.0/10X20F    
SCCS20B505PRBLE BCAP0005 P270 X01 ESHSR-0005C0-002R7UC        
SCCS20E505PRB BCAP0005 P300 X11   TV1020-3R0605-R      
SCCS25B705PRB     HV0830-2R7605-R TPL-8.0/10X25F    
SCCS30B106PRB BCAP0010 P270 S01 ESHSR-0010C0-002R7 HV1030-2R7106-R TPL-10/10X30F WPL2R71061030 HVS0E106NF
SCCS30B106PRBLE BCAP0010 P270 X01 ESHSR-0010C0-002R7UC        
SCCS30B116SRB       TPL-11/10X30F    
SCCS30B116SRBA1       TPL-11/10X30F    
SCCS30E106SRB BCAP0010 P300 X11   TV1030-3R0106-R      
SCCT30B156SRB     HV1325-2R7156-R TPL-15/12X31F WPL2R71561232  
SCCT30E156SRB     TV1325-3R0156-R      
SCCT35B226SRB BCAP0022 P270 T01     TPL-22/12X35F    
SCCT47B406SRB     HV1245-2R7356-R TPL-40/12X46F    
SCCU25B256SRB BCAP0025 P270 S01 ESHSR-0025C0-002R7 HV1625-2R7256-R TPL-25/16X26F WPL2R72561626  
SCCU25E256SRB BCAP0025 P300 X11   TV1625-3R0256-R      
SCCU30B356SRB     HV1635-2R7356-R TPL-30/16X31F    
SCCU30E356SRB     TV1635-3R0356-R      
SCCV40B506SRB BCAP0050 P270 S01 ESHSR-0050C0-002R7 HV1840-2R7606-R TPL-50/18X40F WPL2R75061840  
SCCV40B506SRB       TPL-60/18X40F   HVS0E506NF
SCCV40B506SRBLE BCAP0050 P270 X01 ESHSR-0050C0-002R7UC        
SCCV40E506SRB BCAP0050 P300 X11          
SCCV40E606MRB     TV1840-3R0606-R      
SCCV60B107SRB     HV1860-2R7107-R TPL-100/18X60F WPL2R71071860 HVS0E107NF
SCCW45B107SSB BCAP0100 P270 S07 ESHSR-0100C0-002R7   TPLS-100/22X45F SNL2R71072245  
SCCX50B207SSB       TPLS-200/30X50F SNL2R72073050  
SCCY62B307SSB   ESHSR-0360C0-002R7A     SNL2R73073550  
SCCY68B407SSB   ESHSR-0400C0-002R7 XV3560-2R7407-R   SNL2R74073560  
SCCZ1EB308SWB BCAP3000 P270 K04     TPLH-2R7/3000SL60X138    
SCCZ85B158SCB       TPLH-2R7/1500SL60X85    
SCMR14C474PRBA0     PB-5R0V474-R PBL-0.5/5.0NB    
SCMR14C474PRBA0     PM-5R0V474-R PBL-0.5/5.0NB    
SCMR14C474PRBA1     PB-5R0H474-R      
SCMR14C474PRBA1     PM-5R0H474-R      
SCMR14D474PRBB0     PHV-5R4V474-R PBL-0.5/5.4    
SCMR14D474PRBB1     PHV-5R4H474-R      
SCMR18C105PRBA0     PB-5R0V105-R PBL-1.0/5.0NB    
SCMR18C105PRBA0     PM-5R0V105-R PBL-1.0/5.0NB    
SCMR18C105PRBA1     PB-5R0H105-R      
SCMR18C105PRBA1     PM-5R0H105-R      
SCMR18D105PRBB0       PBL-1.0/5.4    
SCMR22C155PRBA0 BMOD0001 P005 B02 EMHSR-0001C5-005R0 PHB-5R0V155-R PBL-1.65/5.0NB    
SCMR22C155PRBA0     PM-5R0V155-R PBL-1.65/5.0NB    
SCMR22C155PRBA1     PHB-5R0H155-R      
SCMR22C155PRBA1     PM-5R0H155-R      
SCMR22D155PRBB0     PHV-5R4V155-R PBL-1.65/5.4    
SCMS22C255PRBA0 BMOD0002 P005 B02 EMHSR-0002C5-005R0 PHB-5R0V255-R PBL-2.5/5.0NB    
SCMS22C255PRBA1     PHB-5R0H255-R      
SCMS22D255PRBB0       PBL-2.5/5.4    
SCMT22C505PRBA0       PBL-5.0/5.0NB    
SCMT22D505PRBB0       PBL-5.0/5.4    
SCMZ1EK507SRBB0 BMOD0500 P016 B01