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Ultra-Low Profile Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors from Cornell Dubilier

The new ULP Series of Ultra-Low-Profile aluminum electrolytic capacitors from Cornell Dubilier is a real “game-changer” for engineers designing compact electronic devices. Designed specifically for applications requiring bulk capacitance and the lowest board profiles, type ULP offers considerably higher energy density than arrays of surface mount capacitors. ULP technology allows the circuit designer to use a single component that saves space, weight, and cost while improving reliability.

Available Options

The ULP is offered in package heights of 2.2 and 3.2mm. Capacitance values range from 500µF to 24,000µF. Working voltages range from 4 to 63 WVDC with an operating life of 3,000 hours @ 85° C. Unlike solid tantalum capacitors, type ULP capacitors do not require voltage de-rating.

Housed in a highly durable nickel-silver case, the ULP is rated at 10g for vibration withstand.  As thin as 2.2mm, ULP Series capacitors are easy to design-in.  With flat ribbon-lead style terminations, it is even possible to mount the device off-board. This provides added design flexibility to maximize the use of available space.

Key Points

The ULP Series takes a new approach in aluminium electrolytic technology for low-profile circuitry

  • 2 or 3mm thin (comparable in height to SMT tantalum capacitors
  • Can replace arrays of SMT, solid tantalum or aluminium electrolytic capacitors
  • Increases reliability as fewer PCB connection points
  • 3000 hour life at 85°C (105°C under test)
  • -40 to 85 °C at full-rated voltage
Value / Voltage Combinations
  • ULP Ultra-Low Profile Series includes 16 value / voltage combinations
  • Capacitance from 500μF to 24,000μF, 4 to 63 WVDC


WV (v) ULP (2mm) ULP (2mm)
85°C Cap (μF) ESR @ 120Hz (mΩ) 85°C Cap (μF) ESR @ 120Hz (mΩ)
4 7,800 80 24,000 45
6.3 6,600 105 20,000 65
10 5,200 105 15,000 65
16 3,600 105 11,000 65
25 2,300 105 6,900 65
35 1,400 105 4,400 65
50 700 105 2,200 65
63 500 105 1,500 65
Design Characteristics
  • Case thickness is only 2 or 3mm with a footprint of 62x42mm
  • Flex (FPC) Lead System allows on or off-board mounting
  • Integrated solution to board ZIF connector
  • Sealed, robotically laser-welded nickel-silver case
  • REACH/RoHS Compliant
  • Very Lightweight
A Little about DMTL & Cornell Dubilier

DMTL is a fully franchised, authorised Cornell Dubilier distributor.

Based in Liberty, SC, Cornell Dubilier specialize in Snap-in Aluminium Electrolytic, AC Power Film Capacitors, DC Film Capacitors, IGBT Snubbers and Mica Capacitors. 

Cornell Dubilier focus their engineering capabilities towards advancing Aluminium electrolytic technology, especially in the area of prismatic form factors.  Thermal and physical modelling of capacitors using COMSOL and advanced electrical and physical testing and analysis techniques. 

Cornell Dubilier consider their key strengths to be their broad portfolio of standard capacitor products for Power Electronics.  They excel with applications and custom capacitor designs for critical applications.  Their access to CDE engineers, their global logistics, sales and distribution network all lend support to a customer’s decision to approve a CDE Device.

DMTL were appointed Cornell Dubilier (CDE) UK Design Distributors in 2015.

To date designs have included Hi Capacitance Aluminium, Low ESR devices, High Voltage Radials and most recently the Silver Mica Hi Rel Cap ranges.