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Case Study - Vinatech VEC6R0504QG-I

DMTL were approached by a customer based in the Netherlands who are specialists in the design and manufacture of Smart industrial systems, with particular strength in both datalogging and M2M comms.

Their challenge was to provide a capacitive solution to their latest application.

Their comment and decision process in the approval and subsequent purchase of the Vinatech VEC6R0504QG-I, is below. The image to the right was sent by the customer showing the assembled PCB with the iconic blue Vinatech Supercap module fitted.


"Because our applications are mostly used for remote measurements in the field, in almost all cases a battery is used for the supply of our devices. Therefore one of the main reasons to use this capacitor is its low leakage current.

Another reason is the relatively low ESR and the resulting high peak current capability. This is important because we use transmission methods that cause high current peaks during the transmission of the collected data.

Because of the high rated voltage (6V) we could increase the board voltage somewhat to decrease the actual current. Last, but not least, the small size makes it possible to incorporate it easily on our printed circuit boards."


For more information about Vinatech and their range of products please visit their manufacturer page on our website and feel free to contact us with any questions or requirements.

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