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NTC Thermistor (Temperature Sensor) for water heaters, boilers, heating, ventilation and more

DMTL have been supplying Thinking Electronics’ (TKS) wide range of circuit protection (including their NTC Thermistors – Temperature Sensors) in both surface mount and thru-hole style for a number of years. Thinking Electronics are a Taiwanese based and were founded in 1979, They have factories both domestically and overseas and qualified to ISO/TS 16949 and ISO 9001 and their products meet all relevant UL, CSA, TUV and CQC approvals.

Whilst DMTL is a true specialist with SMD components we are also well averse to taking a customers requirement and providing them a value-added solution to aid their production efficiency or reduce cost from their product. This has enabled us to work closely with Thinking to provide some unique “off the shelf” style temperature sensors for applications such as water heaters, boilers and HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Condition) by utilising existing Thinking NTC thermistors housed within easy to use assemblies. These assemblies can be customised from an electrical requirement to ensure the correct resistance/temperature (R/T) characteristics match your application needs. Adjustments in the NTC resistance, B value and tolerances allow us to meet the R/T curves you require.

The NTC thermistors which Thinking manufacture themselves are simply potted within a metal case which enables them to withstand higher temperatures and humid environments. Whilst there are a range of standard “off the shelf” style assemblies they can be further modified to include wire leads with or without connectors of your choice to further provide a total solution. 

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Clip on Pipe Style

This simple to use temperature sensor simply clips over existing or new pipework to provide fast and accurate temperature measurement. Various styles are available to fit standard and non standard pipe sizes and are available in a short leadtime with relatively low MOQ’s.

In liquid (submerged) Style

 This product allows for highly accurate liquid temperature detection as the sensor is designed to be soaked directly into the liquid. Various designs are available with or without “o” rings to provide a tight, waterproof seal and thread sizes, coloured mouldings can be designed to the customers needs.

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If you like the look of these customised assemblies or it’s sparked your thoughts on other innovative electromechanical solutions, please get in touch with DMTL to discuss your requirement and / or request free of charge samples