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SMD PCB spacers / standoffs and SMD power elements for high-current applications

When it came to using PCB spacers or standoffs, there was, previously, only really one option suitable for mass production.

Clinch inserts or broaching studs were commonly used, however, the process requires them to be inserted to the assembly 'post reflow' which adds in a further production step and creates the potential to damage the PCB assembly as it’s a manual process which is usually carried out using an arbor press.

What's the solution?

DMTL can offer a full range of SMD PCB spacers or standoffs which can be used in a myriad of applications which offer a fast and efficient way of adding spacers to PCB's. Manufactured from brass with a tin plate finish, these SMD spacers / standoffs are reflow soldered along with all other components on the assembly for a reliable and solid solder joint. SMT standoffs are supplied on tape and reel with Kapton (Polyimide) tape dots added to the top surface. This allows for the spacers / standoffs to be placed on the circuit board using standard, vacuum, pick and place equipment.

For designs where screws / other hardware need to pass through the PCB, threaded inserts are available which cater for all PCB thicknesses – these inserts are, again, simply placed into position by pick and place machines and reflow soldered securing them into position.

The current handling capability of these spacers and standoffs makes them suitable for high current applications with some products being able to withstand 50 Amps. The threaded insert allows for a high surface area electrical contact which with a simple spade or ring terminal provides a quick and easy way to attach wire to board.

Typical Applications

These SMD PCB spacers / standoffs and power elements are well suited for a broad range of industrial and commercial applications such as fire and security, building controls, where PCB’s needed to be stacked on top of each other. Furthermore, the spacers / standoffs can be used for attachment of plastics / metalwork to PCB / other parts of the end assembly.

Products are available in both metric and imperial stack heights along with metric and imperial threads. Products can also be customised and produced to a customer drawing or spec.

More Info

If you like the look of these unique PCB spacers / standoffs or it’s sparked your thoughts on other innovative electromechanical solutions, please get in touch with DMTL to discuss your requirement and / or request free of charge samples and demo PCB’s