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State Of The Art

DMTL is an approved State of the Art distributor.

Based in Pennsylvania, USA, State of the Art produce a wide array of resistive products from thin film on silicon resistors for hybrid applications, high frequency products including attenuators, terminations, and chip resistors.  Surface mount resistor networks and custom thick and thin film networks to high power resistors on beryllia or aluminium nitride and special application resistors including high voltage, high value, power moisture, and current sensing.

State of the Art have an extensive inventory of over 50 million chip resistors which enables them to provide quick delivery on small quantities 

Their Engineering Capability is listed below:  

  • Standard Grade- DC resistance on a 100% basis, and solderability, temperature coefficient of resistance, and visual inspection on a sample basis during manufacturing.
  • MIL-PRF-55342 in-process inspections and Group A, B, and C lot acceptance testing. MIL-PRF-55342 S failure rate level.  Listed on the QPL55342 (fixed chip resistors) for all product levels (M, P, R, S, U, V, and space level T) and all 13 slash sheets.  Listed on QPL32159 (zero ohm chip resistors) for product levels M and space level T and all 13 slash sheets, and QPL914 (surface mount resistor networks) for the / 03, / 04, and / 05 slash sheets.
  • High Reliability products - Customer Source Control Drawings, DLA Land and Maritime Drawings, State of the Art, Inc Drawings

State of the Art consider their key strengths to be their application-specific engineering assistance, their large inventory of ready-to-ship resistors for rapid delivery. Their focus on well-trained, knowledgeable sales staff and they consider their best-in-class packaging.

Company Information

Date of Incorporation

Number of Employees

Factory Floor Space
41,500 Sq Ft

Quality Certifications
ISO9001, AS9100

Main Products
Thick & Thin Film - Military Chip Resistors and Networks, Surface Mount Chip Resistors and Networks, High Frequency and Silicon