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Hybrid Capacitors now offer Higher voltage and lower Self discharge characteristics

VINATech has launched a new family of high density 3.8 volt cost effective, Hybrid Super Capacitors, with ultra- low Leakage Current to support their existing VLC range.

EDLC Technology is being continually developed and enhanced by VINATech’s R&D Team and this has led to the new VPC series which has been developed utilising standardised EDLC production processes to reduce the costs of this advanced technology.

Hybrid Lithium Capacitor Series

The VPC series, an environmentally friendly Hybrid Lithium Capacitor family, has been developed to reduce costs against more expensive Pulse Battery technologies whilst offering significantly lower physical size lower ESR, wider temperature ranges and higher discharge currents from similar sizes and comparable Battery based technology.

Features & Applications

The major attributes of the high density VPC series is certainly the Ultra-low Leakage current and Low ESR characteristics which makes them an ideal candidate for cost effective Pulse management and to support projects where Power budgets are critical; such as long term Battery based primary powered products such as remote Metering, Gas & Water Meters plus asset tracking devices and automotive applications such as e-call.

Case Sizes

The first tranche of this new RoHS and REACH compliant Pulse Capacitors will see 1030, 1325 and 1335 sizes introduced with added benefits of considerable size reductions compared to the compatible Battery technologies and current VLC series. The next generation will be smaller sized and suitable for a wider range of IoT applications.


Leadtimes will be short and samples are now available with Mass Production in Q2 2020.

A Little about Vinatech & DMTL

DMTL is a fully franchised, authorised Vinatech distributor.

Based in JeonJu, South Korea, Vinatech specialize in active carbon based energy storage solutions ideal for long life, environmentally friendly application for last gasp, fail safe and pulse applications.

They have a manufacturing capability of over 6 million pieces per month which will be rising to 10 million pieces by 2018 following their factory expansion. 

Vinatech have 65 member of staff employed in product and material development with over 160 patents acquired.

They consider their strengths to be that they have the largest capacity in the market today from the most highly automated production facility offering the very latest technology giving them the ability to offer the highest quality products, competitively priced with short lead times.

Vinatech appointed DMTL in early 2016. Both companies recognised the need for a specialist Passive Distributor to work in support of the Design and Supply of Vinatech’s wide range of  ‘Supercap’ solutions. DMTL has subsequently been working in Metering, PSU, Marine and CCTV applications, where the advantages of long life, low voltage needs and charging efficiency and time are of the essence. Vinatech’s superb technical support also means that customers can be supported quickly and accurately when choosing the exact match for their design or application.