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Electronic Components into the Space Industry

DMTL are fully franchised, authorised AVX distributors.

AVX is the leading supplier of high reliability solid tantalum capacitors for space applications.

They can offer MIL-PRF-55365 T level in their CWR09/19/29 and CWR11 and CWR15 styles and AVX developed the SRC9000 specification to allow users to select ratings in their TAZ, TBJ, TBM and TBC range with test appropriate for satellite applications.

AVX offer the widest range of ratings and test options in the industry.

MIL-PRF-55365 T level

AVX offers the broadest range of military surface mount tantalum capacitors in the industry. AVX innovations in military specifications include the CWR09/19/29 range, CWR15 and the T level options for Space applications.

  • CWR09/19/29 MIL-PRF-55365
    The CWR09, 19, and 29 series, all qualified to the high reliability molded tantalum chip series MIL-PRF-55365, are available with “T” level testing. This series has eight case sizes (A through H) which are fully interchangeable with CWR06 conformal types, while offering the advantages of molded body/compliant termination construction (ensuring no TCE mismatch with any substrate). The parts also carry full polarity and capacitance / voltage marking.
  • CWR11 MIL-PRF-55365/8
    Fully qualified to MIL-PRF-55365/8, the CWR11 is the military version of EIA-535-BAAC, with four case sizes designed for maximum packaging efficiency on 8mm & 12mm tape for high volume production. This construction is compatible with a wide range of SMT board assembly processes including convection reflow solder, conductive epoxy or compression bonding techniques. The part also carries full polarity, capacitance / voltage and JAN brand marking. The series is qualified to MIL-PRF-55365 Weibull “B”, “C”, “D” and “T” levels, with all surge options (“A”, “B” & “C”) available.
  • CWR15 MIL-PRF-55365/12
    The CWR15 series is world’s smallest military approved tantalum chip capacitor and is available with MIL-PRF-55365 “T” level screening. The CWR15 includes 0603, 0805 and 1206 case sizes in capacitance/voltage combinations previously only available in much larger packages. The revolutionary AVX TACmicrochip® technology offers designers significant opportunity to downsize circuits for military and aerospace applications.

AVX developed the SRC9000 to be the industry standard for surface mount solid tantalum capacitors. Weibull reliability grading (C level minimum), 100% X-ray, DPA sample inspection, 100% visual inspection, and lot conformance testing are minimum requirements.

Life test per batch, and various surge test and termination options are available.


TBJ Series Datasheet

TBM Multi Anode Datasheet

TBC Microchip Datasheet

TAZ Series Datasheet

TCP Series - Low ESR Module Datasheet

TCH Hermetically Sealed Polymer

Hermetical packaging of conductive polymer capacitors in TCH series suppress impact of humidity and oxidization and offers the industry longest operational life 10 000hrs for selected part types. Broad range of Capacitance, Voltage range up to 100V, low ESR and surge robustness makes this conductive polymer ideal for life mission critical applications in aerospace, defence and other industrial circuits.

All parts are subjected to AVX’s patented Q-Process of maverick part control with statistical screening and process control enhancement ensuring high performance in demanding environment. The design has been developed in cooperation with ESA for space level applications, and the ESCC specification is under preparation.

TCH Low ESR Hermetic Series Datasheet


Rated for 1-470μF and 6.3-50V, TES Series tantalum SMD chip capacitors offer higher capacitance and lower ESR values than any existing ESCC-qualified tantalum devices designed for use in aerospace applications.

Available in five miniature sizes spanning 3216-18 to 7343-43 and in single and multianode cases, the series also provides design engineers with several downsizing options, enabling significant reductions in both payload and physical space, which are extremely beneficial in aerospace applications.

TES Low ESR – QPL ESCC Datasheet

A Little about DMTL and AVX

DMTL have successfully designed in a wide array of Space Qualified components from AVX into various customers around the world.

DMTL have enjoyed an extremely close and successful relationship with AVX for over 30 years.

Commencing as a direct customer in 1988, DMTL was then appointed as AVX UK Design Distributor in 1996.

Of note is the fact that for the last 5 years, DMTL has continued, by some margin, to be AVX’s Top Design Distributor for the UK, by value, each year.. This being a clear indicator of the strength of AVX’s technical support, in their partnership with DMTL.