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Franchise Extension - Knowles (Syfer), Johanson, Voltronics & Novacap

DMTL are pleased to announce that Knowles have extended their Franchise arrangements with DMTL!

In addition to the Syfer franchise, DMTL have now been appointed as distributors for 3 more Knowles divisions, affording access to an extensive range of Trimmer, Inductor and Capacitor products complimenting the current DMTL offering.


Johanson (part of Knowles Capacitors) is a world-class supplier of trimmer capacitors, non magnetic variable inductors and microwave tuning elements.

These are manufactured by plants in the USA and also the Dominican Republic, using State of The Art technology and equipment, whereby product is controlled right from design to finished manufacture.  They offer a wide range of variable capacitors for RF and microwave applications. Giga-Trim® capacitors are miniature capacitors designed for high resolution tuning of RF power circuits. Johanson’s range of Air capacitors are available in a variety of sizes and mounting configurations incorporating a one piece, self-locking, constant torque drive mechanism. Ceramic trimmer capacitors are available in surface mount, strip-line, and through hole lead styles. Johanson also design and manufacture Microwave tuning elements which are an economical means of tuning waveguides, cavities, and other microwave structures.

As regards quality….Knowles Cazenovia is certified to ISO 9001 + AS9100 and Johanson Dominicana S.A.S is certified to ISO 9001.


As a result of DMTL’s longstanding relationship and success with Knowles ( SYFER), we have been awarded the Voltronics Franchise. This affords DMTL the ability to strengthen our product offering with Precision Trimmer Capacitors provided by the world’s leader in the design and manufacture of these products. Voltronics trimmers include air, glass, sapphire, and PTFE dielectrics that can be used from 1 MHz to over 2 GHz and at voltages up to 20,000 VDC.

Affording access to the MRI and NMR industries, Voltronics has an extensive line up of NON MAGNETIC components. These include trimmer capacitors, chip capacitors, coils, baluns, diodes and connectors. Supported by Voltronics excellent engineering team DMTL are looking forward to gaining successful applications for Voltronics, here in the UK.


UK manufacturers will be familiar with the name of Novacap, who have actually been supplier’s to DMTL for many years.  Now formally appointed as distributors for Novacap, DMTL have the direct access and support of their engineering and manufacturing team.

Both companies having operated for some 30 years, there is no surprise that there is a lot of synergy in the match.

Offering Hi Rel.Hi Temp ( 200’) and Hi Voltage Ceramic Capacitors, the Novacap team can often provide the very best solution to your design challenges.

Successful markets/applications include; MIL, Aerospace, Gas/Oil Industry and of course Medical.

Knowles (Syfer)

Knowles (UK) Ltd ( formerly Syfer Technology Limited ) is a premier global source for application specific multilayer ceramic capacitors and EMI suppression filters.

With locations in Norwich, UK, Suzhou, China, Cazenovia, USA, Valencia, USA, Penang, Malaysia, Knowles offer MLCCs specialising in High Voltage, High Q, High Temperature, High Reliability. Also custom versions, radial leaded types and a range of EMI Filters.

They can offer Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor manufacture using a unique "Wet Process" and have applications engineering support, test facilities including high rel, high frequency, high voltage, custom product design.

Knowles consider their strengths to be their flexibility, expertise in high voltage MLCCs and short lead-times.

DMTL initiated their relationship with Syfer back in the late 1980’S, operating as a direct customer, but afforded traceability and superb technical support by the Norwich facility.

Syfer and DMTL, based on escalating UK Designs agreed the appointment as UK Design Distributors ,with an accent on DMTL’s part toward Filtering, Safety Cap and Hi Voltage development.

As Syfer have grown, so too have DMTL. Sharing the ethos of High Customer Service and flexibility in supporting customer design, DMTL and SYFER are now extremely successful in many UK applications, these include, Aviation (DMTL carry IECQ CECC qualification for Syfer products), Lighting, Power Supply and most recently Hybrid Electric Vehicles, supporting with both Capacitor and Filter products.

Company Details 

Date of Incorporation

$859 Million

Number of Employees

Factory Floor Space
1,771,000 sq ft

Quality Certifications
ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, IECQ-CECC, AEC-Q200, UL, TÜV, RoHS and REACH compliance.

Main Products
A range of MLCCs including ranges to 12kV, safety certified capacitors, high voltage/high capacitance StackiCap, IECQ-CECC, AEC-Q200, High Q, high temperature, non-magnetic and radial leaded. EMI filter ranges include 3 terminal chips, surface mount Pi filters, X2Y integrated passives, panel mount threaded and solder-in devices. 

DMTL announces it has signed a franchise agreement with Syfer Technology Ltd.

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Knowles (Syfer) hold the IECQ-CECC internationally recognised qualification for surface mount ceramic capacitors.

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