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Knowles (Syfer) - IECQ-CECC Range of Capacitors


For applications such as Mil / Aerospace where reliability is paramount, Knowles (Syfer) hold the IECQ-CECC internationally recognised qualification for surface mount ceramic capacitors tested in accordance with the requirements of IECQ-CECC QC32100. 

Syfer’s IECQ-CECC original surface mount capacitor qualification was approved to CECC 32101-801 dated 1988 which defines, for example, rated capacitance ranges, rated voltage ranges and maximum component thicknesses. However, as technology progressed the ranges defined in CECC 32101-801 are no longer appropriate and actually impose restrictions when compared with
standard surface mount capacitor ranges.

To extend IECQ-CECC surface mount qualified ranges beyond the limitations defined in CECC 32101-801, BSI and IECQ worked closely with Syfer in qualifying a new IECQ-CECC Assessment Specification and a new IECQ-CECC Component Specification. The new approval specification reference is QC32100. This specification incorparates CECC 32101-801 but also extends the values available.

IECQ-CECC is the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components and is a product quality certification based on approval and routine periodic testing of the range approved.

The IECQ-CECC standard offers customers an intermediate level of component quality, based on, but above, commercial quality levels yet below space grade components. Component quality is checked and demonstrated by sample test results, but parts are manufactured and tested using the same processes and designs as commercial product. By comparison, space grade components usually include conditioning tests and sample quality testing to be carried out on a batch basis, resulting in much higher costs.

DMTL is fully qualified by BSI to stock and release IECQ-CECC qualified product for several manufacturers including Knowles (Syfer). To maintain product traceability, IECQ-CECC product should only be purchased from approved IECQ-CECC distributors which are authorised by the manufacturer to release the products to the correct specification. Distributors are unable to release IECQ-CECC product unless it is listed within their scope of supply - Simply having the franchise for the manufacturer is not enough when it comes to these HighRel devices. DMTL's IECQ-CECC certificate and scope of supply can be found here

Summary of Testing

IECQ-CECC approval is based on routine approval testing carried out either internally by Knowles (Syfer) or independently at an external test laboratory.

Samples are taken from finished stock so as to be representative of standard build quality. All components selected have been tested for

  • Visual
  • Dimensions
  • Capacitance and Dissipation Factor
  • Voltage Proof
  • Insulation Resistance
  • Destructive Physical analysis
  • Solderability 

TCC (Temperature Coefficient of Capacitance) is also tested on a ceramic lot basis. MLCC product is sampled on a quarterly rolling test program in accordance with the tables in the gallery to the right. 3 to 5 tests conducted each quarter, all tests conducted within 1 calendar year.

Samples are chosen to represent all case sizes covered by the approval and the sampling plan adjusted to ensure that each test is not carried out on the same case size consecutively. The sample plan also ensures that all approved voltage ratings are covered over a rolling program. Samples are chosen to cover all product codes (product sizes) and both dielectric types (X7R & C0G) over a rolling program.

Where appropriate, the samples are tested after mounting on defined test boards. Following soldering, the parts are cleaned through either aqueous or solvent cleaning plants to ensure no contamination before testing commences.

Certificate Numbers

The following certificates are authorised by the International Electrotechnical Commission Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components and can be viewed at their website

  • IECQ Certificate No.: Q-IECQ BSI 05.0003 / CB Certificate No.: M1043 IECQ
    • Certificate of Approval of Manufacturer
  • IECQ Certificate No.: Q-IECQ BSI 07.0002 / CB Certificate No.: E1281/F
    • Fixed Multilayer ceramic Capacitors
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A Little About Knowles & DMTL

Knowles (UK) Ltd ( formerly Syfer Technology Limited ) is a premier global source for application specific multilayer ceramic capacitors and EMI suppression filters.

DMTL initiated their relationship with Knowles (Syfer) back in the late 1980’S, operating as a direct customer, but afforded traceability and superb technical support by the Norwich facility.

Knowles (Syfer) and DMTL, based on escalating UK Designs agreed the appointment as UK Design Distributors ,with an accent on DMTL’s part toward Filtering, Safety Cap and Hi Voltage development.

As Knowles (Syfer) have grown, so too have DMTL. Sharing the ethos of High Customer Service and flexibility in supporting customer design, DMTL and Knowles are now extremely successful in many UK applications, these include, Aviation (DMTL carry IECQ-CECC distribution qualification for Knowles products), Lighting, Power Supply and most recently Hybrid Electric Vehicles, supporting with both Capacitor and Filter products.


DMTL announces it has signed a franchise agreement with Syfer Technology Ltd.

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DMTL are pleased to announce that Knowles have extended their Franchise arrangements with DMTL!

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