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Non Magnetic Capacitors, Trimmer Capacitors, Inductors, Coils and hardware for MRI and NMR applications

DMTL have been supplying products into novel Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (MNR) for several years, however our recent appointment as the UK design in distributor for Voltronics and Johanson Manufacturing now provides us with a great one stop shop for our customers with exacting magnetic resonance needs.

SMD Chip Capacitors

DMTL can offer a wide range of Non Magnetic surface mount (SMD) chip capacitors for a multitude of applications. We have three main suppliers for who are able to produce these specialised multi layer chip capacitors (MLCC) – These are Voltronics, Syfer and American Technical Ceramics (ATC). Made from highly stable, low loss dielectric formulations, these traditional porcelain or ceramic MLC’s are known for their high RF power handling capability. Parts are available in all industry common sizes along with the optional high purity ribbon leads in microstrip, axial and radial configurations. Both Knowles (parent company for Voltronics, Syfer and Johanson Manufacturing) and ATC also have the ability to produce customised high RF power, Non Magnetic assemblies too.

 Parts are produced using propriety porcelain / ceramic formulations along with special silver-palladium or Tin plated terminations – the latter having a unique copper barrier layer which provides excellent Non Magnetic properties. Electrodes within the MLCC’s design vary in material dependant on the manufacturer – Some opting to produce parts with Precious Metal Electrodes (PME) whilst others choose Base Metal Electrodes (BME). The choice of both the inner electrode material along termination finish and provide varying Passive Intermodulation (PIM) dependent upon the application.

Samples are readily available, and ATC are also able to produce their standard MLCC design kits with Non Magnetic terminations for an additional charge.

Trimmer Capacitors

DMTL (Having just been appointed as the UK design in distributor for Voltronics and Johanson manufacturing) now have a wide range of Non Magnetic Trimmer Capacitors that we can offer our customers which are often used in various MRI, NME and specialist medical applications. These Trimmer Capacitors have been developed using air, quartz, sapphire and PTFE dielectrics for both high and low voltage applications. Parts deliver uncompromising long term stability and are available with total capacitance down to 1pF or as high as 95pF. Parts come in industry standard styles such as single turn, half turn and multi turn.

Non Magnetic Inductors / Coils

To further support non magnetic resonance customers around the world, Voltronics and Johanson Manufacturing produce a comprehensive line up of totally Non Magnetic air coil (air core) inductors and potted inductors in various styles and sizes to meet varying electrical specifications. Parts are produced to customer requirements, to drawings so we ask that you provide some basic electrical and mechanical information to enable us to provide you a tailored solution.

Johanson have a unique range of Non Magnetic variable inductors which are low in profile while still providing high Q values. The coils and PTFE cores are made to precision to guarantee a constant winding pitch and consistent relationship to the printed circuit board. Non Magnetic copper alloy wire is wound around a threaded PTFE core which is simply tuned by the means of a standard tuning driver. With inductance values as low as 32nH upto 457nH there are a multitude of options within the standard line up, however parts can be customised on request.

Non Magnetic Hardware (Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Inserts etc)

Due to the important Non Magnetism requirements within magnetic resonance applications Voltronics produce a wide range of Non Magnetic Hardware. Parts are produced using only high purity metals that exhibit no measurable magnetism. Commercial Brass or Steel is simply not acceptable for these applications.

Screws / bolts are available in various lengths, threads and head styles to meet various mechanical requirements.  These can be coupled with suitable washers and bolts to provide a total Non Magnetic hardware solution.

Custom screws, threaded inserts or standoffs can be produced to meet your exact requirements.


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A Little about Voltronics, Johanson Manufacturing & DMTL

In addition to the Syfer franchise, DMTL have now been appointed as distributors for 3 more Knowles divisions, affording access to an extensive range of Trimmer, Inductor and Capacitor products complimenting the current DMTL offering.

Johanson (part of Knowles Capacitors) is a world-class supplier of trimmer capacitors, non magnetic variable inductors and microwave tuning elements.

As a result of DMTL’s longstanding relationship and success with Knowles ( SYFER), we have been awarded the Voltronics Franchise. This affords DMTL the ability to strengthen our product offering with Precision Trimmer Capacitors provided by the world’s leader in the design and manufacture of these products. Voltronics trimmers include air, glass, sapphire, and PTFE dielectrics that can be used from 1 MHz to over 2 GHz and at voltages up to 20,000 VDC.

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