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Supercharging Supercapacitor Designs…

As the scope relating to the usage of supercapacitors continues to expand, manufacturers have developed solutions that match customers application needs and challenges.

Below we look to highlight products from manufacturers DMTL represent, which bring a unique approach to these challenges and, in turn, allow designers to introduce performance characteristics to their designs, which can result in performance advantages over their competitors.

Coin Cell Supercapacitors

As the name suggests, these supercapacitors are in the form of a traditional coin cell battery.  This form lends itself to designs where physical constraints are present.  Available in radial, horizontal, and vertical styles, designers can release the advantages supercapacitor technology delivers, i.e. high-power density, short charge/discharge time and high number of cycles, while minimising the space envelope required.

DMTL’s manufacturer CDE - Cornell Dubilier Electronics offers this type of supercapacitor technology with their EDC / EDS series types and are available up to 1.5F, 6.3Vdc and 85DegC


  • On-board CPU memory backup circuits
  • Real Time Clock – Battery Backup
  • Smart Utility Meters – AMR
  • Solar Battery Backup
  • Energy Storage IoT - Energy harvesting/storage Industrial controls & Telematics


Supercapacitor Modules

By connecting supercapacitors in series, it is possible to increase the working voltage, life and therefore further expand applications which will benefit from supercapacitor technology.  It is also possible to place in a parallel configuration to increase energy and power. This is particularly useful for applications including: Smart/Remote Metering, Telemetry, Hybrid Battery Packs, Scanners, Environmental Controls, Network Power Hold-Up, Pulse Power Handling, Solid State Drives, UPS/Industrial and Energy Harvesting.

AVX offer supercapacitor modules with their SCM series, by using up to 3 capacitors in series AVX can support supercapacitor modules with radial or flying leads with voltage up to 9Vdc, 15F and 85DegC.  Both unbalanced & passive balanced options are available. 

Where designers require high reliability for usage in elevated temperatures and/or high humidity conditions; plastic, epoxy-filled supercapacitor modules are available.  Furthermore, the electrical performance characteristics under normal conditions are extended, due in large, to the special plastic, epoxy-filled packaging.


Hybrid Supercapacitor

A hybrid capacitor is a combination of two different electrodes, promoting the best of both worlds when high density power and energy are a requirement.

Developed to reduce costs against more expensive pulse battery technologies, whilst promoting lower ESR with longer life, wider temperature ranges and higher discharge currents from similar sizes and comparable battery-based technology.

VINATech offers Hybrid Supercapacitors up to 250F, 3.8Vdc and 85DegC with the benefit of ultra-low leakage current long-term battery based primary powered products such as remote Metering, Gas & Water Meters, Asset Tracking Devices, IoT and Smart Grid can benefit from this advanced technology.