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New Anti-Wetting EDLC Super Capacitor Solution

For quite some time manufacturers have been trying to combat the growing issue of 'wetting' of EDLC Super Capacitors , a phenomenon occurring when products are used outside the recommended temperature and humidity conditions.

We have seen this effect in most Industry sectors from UPS, Metering, Tracking, Automotive , HVAC, Building controls & SSD in particular. This phenomenon has affected all EDLC and Coin Cell manufacturers. Many of the failures have come from Middle East, Central Africa. Southern America and Indonesia, areas that are very hot and humid.

How to Spot 'Wetting'

The tell-tale signs are a black sticky liquid on the negative pin (-) which is a very strong alkali and creeps through the rubber on to the PCB.  

The Solution

The Vinatech Technology team have spent a few years identifying this 'wetting' phenomenon and the cause and believe that this has now been resolved with a new anti-wetting solution.

Vinatech believe they are the first manufacturer to have such great results following extended testing at high temperatures and high humidity, they have seen no wetting.

A number of major companies have also tested the Vinatech products and are now moving over to the new NEO Series which is available in 2.7v & 3v plus 6v modules.

Production is now in full flow!

NEO Series