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Power Factor Correction (PFC) Capacitors for Power Distribution Systems

The ICAR BIORIPHASO range of Power Factor Correction (PFC) capacitors are a popular fitment in power distribution systems. 

The Problem

As the capacitors come to the end of their operational life, service engineers are called in to replace them. 

At this point, the service engineer discovers that ICAR have sadly ceased trading, which turns a service call into a problematic headache searching for capacitor replacements.

The Solution

Fortunately, DMTL have been in the forefront of supplying alternatives to ICAR capacitors and this includes the previous PFC capacitor range from ICAR.

Single and three-phase capacitors are available with system voltages to 36kV and power to 800kVAr.

Case sizes are single phase to 1040 x 350 x 175mm and three phase to 710 x 450 x 210mm

Contact DMTL for your PFC capacitor needs.

A Little About ICAR

ICAR was one of the leading manufacturers of electrical capacitors and systems in low and medium voltage. DMTL have helped customers source capacitor alternatives for many years with a broad offering in this sector. 

Designed for harsh environments, Cornell Dubilier’s new ALH series of AC rated filter capacitors offer 50% greater life than competitive 85/85 THB-rated film capacitors.

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Following the sad news regarding ICAR's liquidation, DMTL explore the options available to customers looking to replace ICAR capacitors

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AVX, in partnership with DMTL, the UK’s leading design distributor for AVX specialist product, provide engineers with an unrivalled ability to specify metallised film capacitors with dry, no free oil

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The 951C and 953B series offer strong performance for filtering in applications where high ripple currents are encountered and benign end-of-life failure mode is essential.

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VINATech has launched a new family of high density 3.8 volt cost effective, Hybrid Super Capacitors, with ultra- low Leakage Current to support their existing VLC range.

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